Content writing pointers for SEO

A lot of people who are in the field of website creation and development have doubts in their minds regarding the establishment of quality standards for the content of their website. This gives rise to another question as to which are the best SEO or Search Engine optimization techniques that should be adopted by search engine optimizers in order to gain the best results. There are certain pointers that need to be taken into consideration during the process of content writing and development in order to ensure the best possible search engine optimization for your website.

On page SEO

The advent of the Internet and its websites gave way for the creation of content that was meant only for SEO purposes where certain required specific keywords would be placed at certain strategic points in the content of the website. The basic aim of SEO copywriting was making sure that all the required keywords and terms were made adequately available in the article. But website content that has been prepared in this manner will have very low-quality standards and the benchmarks which are being established by search engines have helped in detecting the uniqueness in the quality of content which is being published in all websites. It has now become very easy for all search engines to demarcate websites on the basis of the quality of their content. A lot of artificial methods are also being used by website content developers in order to increase the search engine rankings of their websites. Manipulation of content in this manner can in fact reduce the search engine rankings of any particular website. Due to this it is better for website content developers to think about on-page SEO since this consists of following a well-structured method in order to develop good quality content. This will also help the website in achieving a better ranking in the eyes of the search engine.


Conversion is another aspect that needs to be taken into account during the process of writing and developing content for the website. The conversion optimization software is used in order to perform the process of multivariate testing or AB testing. Google website optimizer is one of the most well-known forms of conversion optimization software which is available.

Many different versions and formats of the same page will have to be created and this conversion optimization software will have to be tested on these pages. This process of testing will help in indicating as to which specific version of the page will help in generating the maximum amount of conversions as well as revenue. A better level of conversion can be achieved when even small minor changes have been made to the website. Another tip that can be remembered is that simple content that is not overcrowded will help in achieving better results and conversions.

Quality of links

During the process of creating links which will lead to your website, it is very important to answer the question as to why people would like to click on the link to your website. People would click on links of well-known companies and brands because of they have the benefit of market recognition and brand recall. Hence it is necessary to create content of extraordinary quality in order to be able to generate good quality links for your website.

Social networking environment

Social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook can also help in generating a lot of good quality links for your website. The scope of these social networking websites is likely to increase to a large extent in the forthcoming years.

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