Contrasting Home Décor: How to Make Your Look Appealing With Them?

It is almost everyone’s wish to have a well-decorated home, with beautiful nice furniture, accessories and other items. But as easy as it might seem, often decorating a home is far more difficult, and requires a subtle understanding of designs and color concepts. Now, hiring an interior decorator for this, is a pretty expensive idea, especially if you are running a bit low on budget. Thus, to help out in these situations, this article will let you know about all those ideas you can use to make your home stand out from the rest.

Often interior decorators or designers use the concept of contrast to bring in an interesting theme and different approach to homes. This contrast can be made possible through walls, designs, furniture, and even accessories.

Now, let us know at first what contrasting means. Putting two different toned colors or pieces of furniture doesn’t account for contrasting. Rather, they disturb the normal temperament of the room. Contrast can be made with basic elements like light and color, shade and texture, and others, in such a way that it creates a soothing juxtaposition in the room and stimulates visual pleasure. And contrast should not be limited to only bedroom or living, it can be used all around the house, including kids’ rooms.

How To Achieve Contrast Designs?


Play with the colors of walls. Start with a lighter shade on two or three walls, and turn into lighter shades for the last or remaining two walls. It’s better to keep the ceilings white, as it helps to reflect maximum light. If you want to maintain a monochrome, make sure to pick accessories that are of different colors. If it’s an accent wall, you can place paintings or study table lamps, that will bring in a serious kind of look. Contrasting colors of walls help look your rooms look big if they are small. But if not used thoughtfully, it will make them look claustrophobic, no matter how large the rooms are.


Light is the most fundamental element of any interior design. Light possesses the power to control and manipulate one’s mood. Try to bring in the most amount of natural light possible, by decluttering the window panels, coloring the ceilings white, and others. Place artificial sources of light in the dark corners, strategically and fill up the gaps. Whilst deciding on the lights, you can bring in accessories of deep color as they will provide good contrast and also, absorb some of the lights. Else, the glare would be too much. Throw blankets on sofas, sheets, mattresses are some good ideas to go with your lighting arrangements.


Just like contrasting colors add interest to rooms, different shapes and forms also add to them. The regular rectangle, square, oval, and circle are out. It’s time for unique shapes, geometric patterns as hexagonal sitting arrangement, pentagonal table for five persons, and others. These patterns not only draw attention but also brings in a whole new feel of modernism.

Make sure to follow these tips and if possible, take some expert guidance to give your home the ultimate makeover it needs.

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