Create An Udemy Clone And Reshape The Digital Learning Sector

California witnessed the birth of a popular e-learning platform in May 2010. A decade later, Udemy has helped connect students with instructors. Today, the American virtual learning app offers 155,000 video courses. With an upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO), the unicorn will cross a valuation of $4 billion. Entrepreneurs with a close eye on the digital learning industry can launch an Udemy clone.

Take a look at the features of the Udemy like online teaching platform

Search different subjects – School, as well as, college-goers can tap the filter and search mechanism and choose their preferred courses. They can enter the names of popular instructors and topics. Students can use different filters like features, language, level (beginner, intermediary, and expert), ratings, subtitles, topic, and video duration.

Category-wise course segregation – A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform like Udemy allows both students and working professionals to upgrade their skills. They can opt for certifications in fields like cloud computing, data science, digital marketing, financial analysis, graphic designing, music production, photography, web development, etc.

Notification center – Students will be reminded of their due assignments, projects, and quizzes. They can check out the latest updates and take the necessary steps to finish their courses and get certificates.

Social media login mechanism – Tired of going to schools with bags full of books? An Udemy clone will change that via a social network login option. Students can sync their instant messaging and social media profiles, register swiftly, and start learning.

Teacher onboarding panel – Instructors will benefit from flexibility, greater enrollments, and 24×7 technical support. They would have to upload details of their qualification, skills, and work experience. Later, they can plan their curriculum, fix a schedule, and start teaching different lessons.

Wrapping Up

Udemy has seen scintillating success. Overall, it has 40 million students across 180 countries. Education has truly become global because of the San Francisco-based platform. Entrepreneurs can also turn into multi-millionaires now. Team up with an app creation company for curating an Udemy clone soon. 

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