Creative virtual new years eve party ideas for 2021

We all know that New Year’s Eve is the most awaited occasion that people wait to celebrate. With the virtual stage overpowering the event industry, everybody is looking for virtual new year party ideas to make the upcoming event unique and bizarre.

Having said this, there will be multiple events happening on the same day. So, the idea is to stand out at the event you host in order to make it memorable for attendees.

Therefore, let us walk you through some notable ideas for virtual new years eve party;

Virtual Pajama Party

New year’s eve is the time for everyone to come together, chill, and enjoy the moment. So, keeping a pajama party lets the attendees unleash themselves and get casual and easygoing during the celebration. With causal pajamas on, virtual attendees can watch a movie together or have some casual talk that would be more like a bonding activity.

Virtual Dinner Party

The new year’s Eve treat is an exciting and fun-loving activity. It allows attendees to get a little informal and have a feast together virtually. People love bonding over team lunches or dinners, so dining together can make the event more unique and bizarre for the attendees.

Virtual Show and Tell Game

Want to add more excitement to your online parties? It is an excellent virtual new years party idea to make the event super memorable. You can keep an emcee who knows the rules of the game and has the expertise to make the event super interactive. The rules are like the emcee announces the name of an object, and the participants need to show the same. There could be 5-6 rounds and the one who wins it for the maximum number of times takes the prize.

The show and tell activity items can include;

  • A pair of running shoes
  • A family picture
  • An antique gift
  • A picture of a pet
  • A winter coat

An Immersive Virtual Environment

With the restrictions on physical venues, people actually miss the decoration, stage, and beautifying environment. To replicate the on-site scene, you can choose a customized virtual event platform that will help you with creative solutions to make your event even more interesting. You can choose to have a dynamic lobby, GIFs, stunning 3D designs, and more to make the virtual venue super attractive.

Online Quiz or Trivia

It is another interesting virtual new years eve party idea to keep your audiences hooked and engaged. With this activity happening on the new year, you can create quizzes on the same, for example;

  1. When did the first event in New York happen on New Year’s Eve?
  2. In which year did the first ball drop on New Year’s Eve?
  3. Who is accountable for beginning the culture of New Year’s kiss?
  4. In which year was the time balls created?

Virtual Surprise Gift Box

With everyone immersed in the jolly mood, you can think of creative ways to make their celebrations even more remarkable. You can send a goodie bag or a personalized kit at least a week in advance to your participants.

You can pen down a sweet note mentioning their name and their much-awaited attendance. This way, attendees will feel valued and will be looking forward to the online Christmas party or new year bash.

Virtual Talent Show

With everyone enjoying the jovial vibes, let the party continue and urge attendees to show their moves and sing music together. Basically, you can have a healthy competition with a few judges on board and your employees or participants taking part in music, dance, comedy competitions. The best act takes home the prize!

Virtual New Year Icebreaker Activity

To encourage attendee interaction, you can invite a notable speaker who holds the art of interacting wisely and is friendly. The questions that can make your icebreaker activity a 2-way communication are;

  1. What was their last year’s resolution?
  2. Which year has been the luckiest, exciting, and most memorable one?
  3. What are their resolutions for the upcoming year?
  4. What changes would they like to instill in themselves in the forthcoming year?

Such activities are ways to make attendees feel more homely and create a real-like experience for them.

Never Have I ever

Want to add the flavor of adventure to your virtual Christmas party?

It is indeed the best activity to make your online celebrations more enjoyable. You can ask your attendees to get a mocktail for themselves and then begin the game. Then turn by turn attendees take a sip of their drinks and say ” Never have I ever…..” followed by a phrase.

The phrase can be;

  1. Fallen asleep in public
  2. Lied about my age
  3. Crashed into a party
  4. Been to a talent show
  5. Danced on a table

These ideas for virtual new years eve parties are effective ways to recreate the physical event environment.

Countdown Clock

Just sometime before midnight, and everybody’s excitement would be at its peak. So, you can consider including a countdown timer on your live streaming service provider to arouse more excitement and suspense. Also, you can ask your attendees to begin with the countdown with 10 seconds left to enter the new year. Top online event platforms, like Dreamcast, have features like clap and hoot that will make the moment even more realistic.

Virtual New Year Donations

Celebrations are for everyone, so you can consider making it special for people you think are not that fortunate. Event organizers can integrate a fundraiser event on the online event platform to allow attendees to make donations or charity based on their personal choices. It is a remarkable way of lighting someone’s life all from the comfort of your home and without traveling.

Final Word

We know that in-person events offer enchanting experiences, but there are tools and platforms that help you stand out even in your virtual events. It is all about the right event planning and strategies you make, the platform you choose, features you include to ensure the success of your event. With the new year’s eve approaching, gear up, and start outlining and planning your virtual party that will deliver life-like experiences.


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