6 Eyeshadow Tips We Learned from Margot Robbie (a.k.a. Harley Quinn)

Eye shadow boxes are extremely beneficial for cosmetic brands. They have the potential to provide safety to valuable items from all kinds of product-harming elements. These boxes have cardboard, kraft, and corrugated as their manufacturing materials. It is easy to customize them because of their flexibility.

Businesses can get them personalized in many styles, shapes, designs, and sizes. They have printing capabilities as well that allow businesses to get them printed with themes, fonts, details, and branding elements. Custom eye shadow boxes are extremely affordable due to their low manufacturing cost. They do not impose any impact on the health of the environment.

Margot Robbie is known as one of the best movie actresses due to her amazing acting skills and beauty. Many of us know her as Harley Quinn from the suicide squad and Birds of prey. The makeup that she wore is in those movies was inspiring for many women. The unique thing about that makeup is the eyes which were fabulous. She surely had utilized premium products from eye shadow boxes. People are looking for makeup tips for eyes from Margot just to look like Harley.

Finding the Right Tool:

Getting Margot Robbie’s eye design makeup is not that hard if you have the right tool for the purpose. You can surely use your fingers if you cannot get high-quality printed eye shadow boxes with premium products.

A flat shadow brush and fluffy brush that can do efficient blending will surely give you prominent and reliable results. Get eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, and eyeliner from a reliable brand. Professional products will help your eyes to get Harley makeup more efficiently.

One Shade All Over:

Sales of eyeshadow products are increasing and brands are buying eye shadow boxes wholesale to sell these items. A great tip to get makeup like Margot Robbie is to utilize one shade all over. This tip is easy to use and it involves just a single finger and cream format eye shadow.

You can create pigmented shadow from it just like Harley Quinn. You can also cover harsh lines and creases with this approach more efficiently. Blending accurately with a single shade can create a gradient effect and make your eyes stand out.

Cream shadows:

Many people face struggles in blending eyes with powder from the eyeshadow. Blending is the main thing that will help the eye makeup to look remarkable. Cream formulas can make it a lot easier to do blending and get enticing makeup for your eyes.

You can utilize the cream version with both brushes and fingers. Retail packaging can find your custom eye shadow boxes. Cream tends to make the blending easier due to the reason that it is pliable. It is best for people that have crease-prone lids and oily areas around the eyes.

Same Color Family:

The main color scheme behind the eye makeup of Harley Quinn in red, blue, and purple. Pairing a shade together and knowing what colors will help you in matching the color scheme are the key things to get that finest look for your eyes. If you do not think that matching colors is your thing,

Make sure to adopt a single-color family. Like, utilize different shades of purple because it can give the look of both blue and red at different contrast. Use lighters and if you look for a gradient smoke, utilize darker tones.

Use of Highlighter:

Just because the fact that a highlighter does not come in an eye shadow box, does not mean that it cannot give you a Harley Quinn look. It is the tip from Margot that always utilize a highlighter while doing makeup for your eyes.

Utilizing it is very easy. All you need to do is just sweep it on your eyelids. Make sure to keep its color on your eyebrows as well. It is effective in creating an ethereal and marvelous look. Make sure to cover the inner corners from it to a more efficient look for your eyes.

All Out With Metallic:

Metallic eyes are the biggest part of Harley Quinn’s makeup. The shimmery and the glow in the eyes is the main symbol of the character. To get this makeup look, you need to pop one single shade of your eye shadow that comes in eye shadow boxes all over the eyes.

For better results, you can combine it with a smoky and cohesive finish to make it shinier. You can also find staple mattes in shadows if you want the result to become a bit down in terms of tone. All of the above-mentioned tips make Margot Robbie marvelous.

All of them are easy to use and easy to follow. You just have to get quality products and get them in eye shadow boxes. These packages can hold the actual and finest qualities of cosmetic items for the eyes efficiently. Also, follow the makeup routines of Margot to look amazing at your events and in your daily beauty & grooming routine.


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