Difficulties A Job Seeker Might Encounter

Job Seeker

Seeking a job is really challenging and difficult. Any job seeker you might ask for their emotional state will probably testify the same thing– hectic and stressful. These difficulties are actually normal and inevitable. Because whenever you plan to enter a new world in which you have no clue, it can really show how tough you are. You might be clueless, clouded with doubts, and lack self-esteem. Plus, the employment world can actually be terrifying! With the rushing and pressured employees, full-time duties, and strict bosses, no doubt it can make a job seeker tremble. But with every hardship, bear in mind that there is also a solution– a wondrous breakthrough. 

Here are the five challenges that a job seeker might encounter.

Composing a quality work resume.

Constructing your work resume can cause stress because you might not be confident enough, especially if you are a first-time job seeker. Composing a quality work resume can cause you to be anxious and a frustrated perfectionist because you might feel the desire to make your resume flawless, to make your statements free from errors, and to present your resume in the neatest and most interesting way. But this problem can be solved! By the help of resume builders, or by the help of a cover letter builder. Using these convenient services, can help you ease your stress and can lighten your burden caused by anxiety and frustration because these can give you tips and can offer you a format or template for your work resume.

You might doubt your inner capabilities.

Self-doubts and self-sabotage can be inevitable in times like this. You might come to a point where you are unsure of your abilities, you might overthink things like “Can I really do this job?” “Do I really have the ability to do this?” “What if I might fail?”. These doubts are normal and understandable. But do not let these difficulties consume your thoughts, do not let this be the reason for your downfall. If the tide of doubts comes, try distracting yourself by continuing to pursue new passions and activities that will help you boost your self-trust and self-esteem. Engage yourself in regular productivity so it may assure you that you have abilities.

Insecurity in the workplace.

When entering your workplace, it is usual that you will look around the room to observe and absorb. You will see experienced employees, long-term workers, and skilled professionals. This can cause you insecurities and can cause you to be conscious of yourself. You might double-check your physical appearance, form beads of sweat on your forehead, or can cause your heart to palpitate– nervousness. You might think that they are all better than you, they will do tasks more commendable than you– and this can be true. They can indeed be better than you because they are already experienced and accustomed to the workplace. But the good news is, you can always improve! There are a lot of room for growth and improvement. You might reach their level of skills with gradual training, or you can even exceed what they could do! 

The dissatisfaction with new-employee salaries.

In a workplace, it is common that newly accepted employees to have lower salaries than experienced ones. For the first-time job seekers or for the first-time applicants of a certain workplace, this can be discouraging. Of course, most employees work for money, to sustain their families, and to be able to afford life, and hearing this news can be challenging for them. But the key to this is patience and hope. Make sure that you will do your best as an employee, and will not miss any tasks, so in this way, your managers can see your quality contributions or will even reward you with a promotion, which means your once low salary can have a raise. And eventually, as you spend years in your job, your salary will gradually increase too, in time.

You might fear rejection and lose hope.

Applying for a work spot doesn’t always mean that you are accepted. You may have done your best, put on your best efforts, and presented your quality resume, but this doesn’t always mean that you are guaranteed the good news of being hired. If the HR Managers chose not to pick you, then you have nothing you can do. Rejections can be very difficult, especially for the desperate ones who badly need a job. A series of rejections can also cause depression and mental stress too. This can cause job applicants to lose hope and lose self-esteem. But these can really happen in the employment world. Learn to accept rejections and not make them a reason for your downfall, but make it a reason to do better each application. Rejections by certain companies mean that you are meant to be in a much better workplace.


Bear in mind that difficulties like these can always be present, and aside from these, there are much more than you can possibly encounter. Such as lack of connections, and conflicts with the people around you. You have to be open, and you have to be prepared. Remember the skills that you hold and the capabilities you possess. Each employee is unique in their own way, therefore, being jealous or insecure about your fellow workmates is necessary. 

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