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Moving from one home to another is an important step in your life. As the best movers Downtown in Dubai, we offer complete support for your house move in Dubai. We have the means and desire to make your life and the moving process easier. Here are all the benefits you can enjoy by hiring our team of professional movers to load and unload your belongings.
service basket Movers Packers is a Dubai-based moving company with over thirteen years of experience in providing affordable removals and quality services. In particular, we can carry out both domestic and international removals.
If you don’t have a lot of time to prepare for your move, no worries! Just get in touch with our professional moving services in central Dubai and take advantage of our experts who will secure your belongings before, during, and after the move.

Our office movers provide the best office moving services in Dubai. Thus, for those who also have a physical business in the city center and need to move in the shortest possible time with efficiency, our team is ready to pick up your office belongings.

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For office electronics, it’s important to pack them individually in secure boxes and, if possible, reinforce them with bubble wrap, terry cloth towels, or old can socks. Ask around and hire an experienced mover in Dubai city center to properly pack your office belongings. Valuable items should be protected as much as possible and appropriate boxes should be used. We can reinforce the bottom boxes with bubble wrap for maximum security. You can also tell the movers which direction they should take the boxes by stating the following signs: “Up ?” and “Down ?”.

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Prefer your furniture over padded bags or portable wardrobes to avoid crumpling important pieces of furniture. Check out our article on how to pack furniture by watching these movers in Dubai city center. Use air cushions instead of cardboard boxes for sheets, duvet covers, and pillows. It’s a good idea to pack a box with the essentials you’ll need in the early days of the move.

A little tip: If you want to protect your mattress and prevent dirt from getting on it during transport, use old sheets and blankets. Put one sheet on top and one underneath.

Protect your valuables
To our dismay, jewelry gets tangled up just like our earbuds. Fortunately, there are simple and inexpensive solutions to prevent this. So feel free to hire a dismantling company in Dubai city center to keep your jewelry tangled. Also, use egg cartons to store small jewelry (earrings, bracelets, etc) and tape them to the walls.

Now pay particular attention to mirrors: use adhesive tape to minimize vibrations and, at the same time, the risk of cracks or breaks!

Simply apply it from one end of the mirror to the other in a cross shape. You can repeat this process several times. Then wrap it in a thick blanket or bubble wrap.

This will protect it from small bumps and jolts during transport. To ensure you don’t forget anything and make your move as efficient and fast as possible, read our article: Moving: a checklist so you don’t forget anything.

Handling heavy items
We’ll secure your boxes with duct tape, making a cross on the bottom, no matter what items you’re moving, and especially for the heaviest items. Choose suitcases with wheels for books or clothes and safes for heavy safes and cabinets.

You don’t think about it, but when you pack these items together, they can become very heavy. This also prevents the items from breaking.

Think about plastic bags
Screws and bolts from disassembled furniture can be collected in sealed envelopes or plastic bags, indicating which piece of furniture they belong to so that nothing gets lost. At your home, our team will wrap dismantled furniture in plastic film to avoid

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