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English Learning

The English learning for children from 0 to 18 years is available to anyone with multiple resources, which we offer some examples in this article. You will find ideas for games, nursery rhymes, cartoons, and books for babies and children. We also share other methods with you, such as English lessons for children or the help of an English-speaking babysitter. We also give you some tips for setting up an English learning routine for the little ones. Read on for all the details! Teach your kids English vocabulary words that start with a.

Establish a learning routine

Whatever system you choose to teach your child English from an early age must be part of a daily routine. Start by selecting a schedule that you will devote to this learning. Ask yourself what time of day would be the best: is it bath time? Before going to sleep? Or during meals?

I prefer short sessions of about 15 minutes, especially for toddlers, but regular. Keep in mind that consistency is essential! Make them exciting and fun: tell a story, read a book in English, or use an educational app designed for kids.  Next brand news.

Play games in English

Fun learning is always more effective, especially for babies and toddlers! Here we list children’s game ideas in English learning : 

  • Simon says

It is the equivalent of “Jacques a dit “: ideal for learning English in kindergarten. After saying “Simon says,” give the child simple instructions in English, such as “jump!” “( Jumps), “sing! “( Sings) or “crouch down! “(Squatting yourself). But if you don’t say “Simon says “and the child moves, they will have a token. 

  • Beginning and end

This game requires a specific concentration. When the first player says a word, the second must say another term that starts with the first player’s ending character. For example, if player 1 says “home,” player two can say “english.” If your kids make a error or don’t find a word, they eliminate it. 

  • I spy

For this game, locate an object from where you are, then start by saying, “I spy with my little eye something [object color]” ‘object]). You can also replace the color with another adjective. The children should ask you questions until they guess the object in question. For example, they might ask, “Is it the apple?” (is it the apple?). 

Sing nursery rhymes and songs in English

The English Free baby is accessible by simple methods, such as learning nursery rhymes and songs. Toddlers will familiarize themselves with the rhythm and intonations of the language while assimilating new words, without realizing it and all in music. Here is a record of the five best English learning poems for kids:

  • Twinkle twinkle little star
  • I’m a little teapot
  • The alphabet song
  • The ants go marching
  • The colors of our clothes

Feel free to use a visual aid or a toy while you sing! With videos, cuddly toys, or puppets, children will remember words even more efficiently.

Tell stories and tales in English.

Nothing like a fairy tale before going to sleep! It is also a fun and effective way to teach English to children. Stories stimulate their imaginations and develop their listening skills and, when told in English learning , they will build their vocabulary and get used to the language. In addition, children can listen to the same story over and over again, tirelessly and with the same pleasure. And if it’s with an illustrated book, it’s even better! 

English books and movies

Besides the classic tales of the Brothers Grimm and Andersen, you will find many children’s stories and books in English. Here are some examples that will make your little one want to learn English even more :

  • The ravenous caterpillar – Eric Carle: perfect for remembering the days of the week and the names of foods in English.
  • Dinosaur Roar -Henrietta Stickland: Dinosaur lovers will love it! 
  • Room on the Broom – Julia Donaldson: the story of this little witch will appeal to children of all ages. 
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl: a classic that will delight gourmets!
  • Charlotte’s Web – EB White: a book for young and old, especially for animal lovers.

Watch cartoons and videos in English.

Like songs and stories, visual aids are an effective way to learn English for children of all ages. Free YouTube channels offer cartoons in English that will stimulate children’s learning. Here are a few :

British Council: Learn English Kids

If your little one likes to be told a story before bed, these videos can help you establish a routine in teaching your child English.

Learning Time with Timmy

To teach English to toddlers for free, this channel, known worldwide, is a perfect option. 

Martha speaks 

Martha Speaks is a cartoon series where we follow the adventures of Martha, a little bitch who eats alphabet soup and suddenly starts talking! This series is aimed at children between 6 and 10 years old.


This series, available on Amazon Prime, follows the adventures of Doki and his friends, who set off to explore new countries and cultures around the world with each episode. A cute and fun way to learn English for the little ones.

Learn new vocabulary every day

You can organize English words and phrases by topic, based on what may interest your child, and create activities or stories around those topics. Here are some ideas:

  • Toys
  • Colors
  • The days of the week
  • Shapes
  • Animals
  • The emotions
  • Clothes

You can also create more specific themes based on your child’s interests. Are they a fan of the Cars cartoon? So focus on the lexical field of vehicles, adding colors and other adjectives. For example :

  • A yellow truck (yellow truck)
  • A beautiful card

Practice the vocabulary

To practice the vocabulary learned at home, combine learning at home with English lessons with an online teacher: whether your child is in kindergarten or going to high school, he will make progress in one. Record time.

Take online lessons with a teacher.

More and more parents are opting for English lessons for children rather than sending them to a regular language school. It’s a simple and effective way to practice what you’ve taught them at home. In addition, being supervised by an adult other than yourself will increase your child’s attention. 


Most importantly, your little one will have the opportunity to interact with a native teacher and get used to the accent, intonations, and way of speaking unique to English speakers. With Preply, you will find online private lessons suitable for children of all ages, whether beginners, intermediate, or advanced, and for all budgets.


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