Everything that you need to know about menstrual fatigue

Menstruation is a mixed feeling during which numerous bodily phenomena take over the female body. One such phenomenon is menstrual fatigue. If you find yourself dragging to get out of your bed during your period, only to collapse back as soon as possible, there are chances that you might be suffering from menstrual fatigue. Even while you are PMSing, you can experience menstrual fatigue, which makes it all the way more difficult to cope up with the cramps and mood swings. The sheer exertion of it can make it tough to perform routine tasks and although it is normal, let’s see why it happens and how you can combat it. 

What causes menstrual fatigue? 

Just like you can figure out menstrual cup price while searching on the internet, but you also come across misconceptions, there are many myths related to menstrual fatigue as well. First of all, you aren’t the only women who experience menstrual fatigue. Women all across the globe suffer from the pain of menstrual fatigue.

The cause of menstrual fatigue is partly attributed to hormonal fluctuations. In the female body, the estrogen level rises before ovulation to support a potential embryo, and then when fertilization does not occur, the estrogen levels drop. Estrogen dominance can make women feel energetic and alert and when a sudden drop happens, it can leave you weary and tired. Also, when the estrogen levels are more than progesterone, and when the hormone balance is off, you might feel extra fatigued. 

In addition to estrogen fluctuations, period cramps or underlying conditions such as PCOS and thyroid disorders can also cause extreme menstrual fatigue. Women with chronic iron levels or anemia may also feel more tired when they are on their period.

Treatment for menstrual fatigue

The first step in dealing with period exhaustion is to figure out where it is coming from. When you figure out the root cause, you have to get your mineral levels tested. If your period fatigue is unimaginable or it is interfering with your period life, make sure to consult your doctor. Also, cut on caffeine and sugar as they can make menstrual fatigue more unbearable. Instead of these unhealthy options, try munching on a dark chocolate bar or take a sip of mellow green tea or chamomile tea. Also switch to sustainable period products and start searching for menstrual cup prices rather than depending on the slipping pads. 

The bottom line

There is no denying that periods can be a confusing experience. Most women find themselves in a sense of pain, emotional turmoil, and inconvenience while they are on their periods. When you are bleeding every month, comfort becomes the prime concern, and talking about comfort what can be better than a reusable period cup?

Before your next period starts, make sure to get a reusable period cup and make your period more convenient. While menstrual fatigue becomes the new normal for you, a menstrual cup can be your ultimate savior. Get your Shecup now and make your periods a bit more comfortable.

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