Everything You Must Know Before Getting Bajaj Mixer Machine

If you wish to reduce your cooking time to devote yourself to something else, getting a mixer grinder is a perfect solution. While learning to handle it is a bit tough, it is multi-functional and can grind whole particles, unlike an electric blender. Bajaj is a reputed brand when it comes to electrical appliances. 

Its mixer grinders are widely reviewed to give excellent results. So, before you decide to opt a Bajaj mixer machine, here are a few things you need to know to make the wisest purchasing decision. 

Why go for a Bajaj mixer machine?

  • Its models come with a wide array of features that enables a user to do everything. From mashing meat to heating a sweet, it’s the best support for every cooking need. 
  • The mixer machines are available in diverse trending styles and designs and will give you the chance to choose the one that will perfectly complement the look of your kitchen.
  • Also, the models are free from the issues of overheating and hence, can be used for a prolonged time. 
  • Each of the models offers different speeds. So, depending upon your convenience and cooking needs, you can choose a mixer.

Top 4 Bajaj mixer machines

  1. Bajaj Pluto 500W Mixer Grinder:
  • This model is currently available on Amazon at INR 3,505 only.
  • The stainless steel blades are of premium quality and serve multiple purposes.
  • The model comes with 3 jars, a chutney jar, a liquidising jar, a grinding jar and 3-speed controls. 
  • A powerful motor makes it energy efficient but can generate noise up to a bearable level.
  • The mixer and the jars have an eye-catching white and blue shade, occupy a considerable part of your kitchen and can enhance its overall look. 
  1. Bajaj GX8 750W Mixer Grinder:
  • You can get it from the official Bajaj website for INR 4,559 only. 
  • The model has a well-built shockproof body providing a chamber for tasks like liquidising, grinding dry and wet particles, and chutney pestling.
  • These numerous purposes are served exceptionally by a 750W engine with a rapid work rate of 18000 RPM.
  • It is also equipped with a motor having 3-speed controls, the technology of overload protection to prevent issues like overburning and various containers for mashing chutneys and flavours to make tasty smoothies in just a blink of an eye.
  1. Bajaj Ivora 800W Mixer Grinder:
  • Another latest model of Bajaj is budget-friendly too! This can be availed from Amazon at INR 5,999 only.
  • It looks eye-popping due to its unique design and dual colour scheme. The jars can also add a bit of glamour to your kitchen with their aesthetic V-shaped bodies.
  • It is provisioned with a strong copper motor that betters the outcome of the model.
  • While the anti-germ and anti-dust coating technologies help it work more hygienically by protecting it from germs and dust, the tetra flow technology ensures uniform grinding and blending. 
  1. Bajaj NX-01, Powerful 300W Mixer Grinder:
  • If you can’t extend your budget to INR 5k, Bajaj is here for you with this affordable yet worth buying model. Currently, it’s on Amazon at INR 3,850 only.
  • It is India’s first Nutri blender sanctioned by ISI. 
  • Besides blending, it can perform as a juicer too and can make delicious smoothies.
  • As the motor is 300W only, the energy efficiency is high implying that energy consumption is the least.
  • The 3 jars aren’t only convenient for grinding but are also portable.

So, here we have discussed not just about a Bajaj mixer machine in general but have also tried to make you aware of the best models and their specifications the brand has to offer. These models may seem a little bulky nut if the functions are considered; it’s a better choice than an electric blender. If you have recent plans of buying a mixer grinder, the ones mentioned above are indeed a few of the outstanding options. You can easily bring any of the above listed mixer and grinder from the online shopping sites at very reasonable prices.

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