Find Your Way To Deep Sleep With Yoga Nidra

Do you find it hard to sleep after a tiring day at work? You might think it is all because of late-night work, but there is more to it. Ever heard of Yoga Nidra? No? Read on to know everything about this powerful yogic technique. You can also enroll in a certified Yoga Nidra For Insomnia training to learn the secrets to deep sleep.

The practice of Yoga Nidra goes back thousands of years. It is a simple yet effective guided meditation technique that helps you enter a state of semi-consciousness. You exit a state of chaos and enter into a state of peace and calm.

Come, let us now understand a bit about the history of Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra – The History

The art of Yoga Nidra is said to be as old as yoga itself.

Yoga Nidra was first mentioned in the Upanishads, which are the holy scriptures of Hinduism and contain yogic philosophy in great detail.

Later, Yoga Nidra has also been discussed in great detail in the Hindu epic – The Mahabharata. Without a doubt, the ancient art of Yoga Nidra has been around for a long time.

Guru Satyananda Saraswati is one of the yoga teachers who employed the practice of Yoga Nidra with his pupils.

In the modern-day world, it is Richard Miller who has developed what is known as iRest Yoga Nidra as the modern-day adaptation of the ancient Yoga Nidra.

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Do you know there are numerous scientific studies that confirm the benefits of Yoga Nidra? Read further to know.

Scientific Proof For Yoga Nidra’s Effectiveness

Numerous scientific studies have been conducted on Yoga Nidra and how it benefits your health.

A study conducted showed that Yoga Nidra was characterized by a reduced desire for action. It showed a decreased blood flow in the prefrontal, subcortical, and cerebella regions of the brain.

Another study was conducted to find out the effect of Yoga Nidra on self-esteem and stress levels. It proved that the daily practice of Yoga Nidra did reduce one’s stress levels and improved their overall self-esteem.

Later, a study measured brain activity during a Yoga Nidra session. It showed the person was in a deeply relaxed state during the session. However, an interesting thing to note here was the participant was completely aware of the surroundings while being in a state of deep relaxation.

For you to experience this deep state of awareness and rest, you must know the right way of doing Yoga Nidra.

Steps To Practice Yoga Nidra

The traditional practice of Yoga Nidra For Insomnia requires you to follow specific steps to enter into that deep restorative conscious state.

  1. Choose A Space

For you to enter the deeper states of relaxation with Yoga Nidra, it is important that you be as comfortable as possible.

To do that you can keep yoga props like yoga bolsters under your back or knees. For added comfort, you can place a blanket or pillow under your head.

Yoga experts recommend you buy a soft yoga mat and position the body such that it does not distract you during the practice.

  1. Have An Intention

Sankalpa refers to an intention that you set probably during a yoga asana practice.

Bring your awareness on whatever you desire or want to gain from the Yoga Nidra practice. It can be a simple hope for good things to happen or just relaxing after a tiring day at work.

Make sure to set the intention in your mind as that is how it will become the central goal of Yoga Nidra practice.

You should enroll in a certified Yoga For Insomnia program to learn this yogic technique under the guidance of yoga experts.

  1. Do A Body Scan

The stage in Yoga Nidra where you move into the state of Pratyahara (Withdrawal of Senses). Pratyahara is the gateway to the subconscious, which is the goal of Yoga Nidra.

Now, you have to move through your body and sense each part of it. Experience the sensations you feel right from the big toe to all the way to your forehead.

Relax each body part while experiencing the sensations. Let your body fully relax as you move the attention from the external to the internal.

  1. Become Aware Of Your Breath

Now feel the movement of your breath without forcing it. Try to dive deeper into the functioning of your breathing like – from where the air enters your body? From where does it leaves the body and so on.

Let the sacred Prana flow through your body. This helps you enter a deeper state of Pratyahara.

  1. Be Aware Of Thoughts & Feelings

Now is the time for you to become a mindful observer to notice the thoughts and feelings which arise during the Yoga Nidra practice.

Just let them pass through your mind, no need to react. Moreover, avoid staying stuck on any particular thought or feeling.

You should enroll in a certified Yoga Nidra For Insomnia session to learn the technique of entering this deeper state of your being during Yoga Nidra practice.

  1. Just Experience & Observe

Note what comes out from this whole experience. Be aware and remain in the present moment without focusing much on what emotional or physical state you are in.

Try connecting with the higher dimension of your being. Then, try connecting this with the universal consciousness.

  1. Resurface Consciously

Once you are done with the practice, bring your awareness slowly to a state of heightened conscious awareness.

Make sure you do this at a pace you are comfortable with. Enroll in a Yoga Nidra For Insomnia training session to learn everything about this powerful yogic technique.


Although Yoga Nidra is as old as yoga, it does offer you some major health benefits including deep sleep. However, for you to experience the benefits of this yogic technique you should enroll in a certified Yoga Nidra For Insomnia training to learn from the best.

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