Five reasons why you should make Reels for Instagram?

The internet is not unfathomable anymore, and almost everyone is using it. From work to entertainment and everything in between – we heavily rely on the web for most things. And then there is social networking.

With many social media networks competing, users are bombarded with new and improved features. With every update, we get a better UI, a new design, or an added feature. A recent update that we witnessed in the world of social media is Instagram Reels. Let us know it better and learn why you should make Reels for Instagram to get more Instagram followers. 

REELS – A Fun Twist to Instagram Videos 

We all witnessed how TikTok took the social media world by storm. From being a fun video creation platform, TikTok became a quick ticket for influencers to get famous. TikTok’s videos soon started overflowing the other social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, ruling the web. 

As users started switching to this platform, Instagram had to think of a safe plan to bring them back. Also, with the sudden ban of TikTok in countries like Indonesia and India, Instagram had to come up with an idea. Hence, Reels was born!

Reels was launched on August 5, 2020, in 50 countries, including the USA, and has changed the Instagram landscape since then. So let us now see why you should make Instagram Reels. 

5 Reasons to Make Reels for Instagram 

Better Reach

Instagram says that Reels show the best of ‘trending culture’ on the platform. A regular video post shared on Instagram reaches 2-3% of your Instagram followers. On the other hand, Reels reach a wide range of users. So you can have much more views on Reels than your follower count.  

Reels are visible in the explore tab of Instagram, and users generally get hooked to them as they play back to back. Users watch and re-watch the Reels videos, increasing the views and even likes or comments. To boost the reach further, hop on the ongoing trends like a song, a questionnaire, or a dance routine.

So, if you want to expand the reach of your content, making Reels is the best bet! 

Short and Quick 

The reel is a 15-second video in which you can add multiple clips and deliver a short and quick message. 

For businesses, it is a handy way of marketing products and services without saying a lot. Your audience will be hooked through the short videos and visit your page or links. These videos are also a great way to announce new launches, behind the scenes, packaging processes, etc. 

You can make the best marketing efforts in just 15 seconds! Save your and your audience’s time, and get to spread the word out with ease. So, it’s a win-win for all! 

Easy Video Editing

The Instagram video editor is something that anyone can use with ease. Once you tap on the option to create a new Reel, the steps and processes are visible on the screen. 

The video editor helps you choose from different audio clips and AR effects, and you can easily create the videos using the countdown or timer button. With Align and Speed features, you can play and make your video more creative. Transitions, overlays, and stop-motions are easy to create with the best Instagram video editor for Reels. If you are a regular Instagram user, you must have witnessed users getting more and more creative with these effects and transitions. You can learn how to use them by giving them a try and being creative with your ideas. 

Rather than that, you can also prefer any other online tools to edit your Instagram video for more effects and make a video with ease. With the help of this Instagram video editor, you can immensely create videos, and most of the tools also provide you free templates and effects with the music to make your videos more attractive.

Keep you Updated 

 An active Reel maker is an active Instagram user who is well-versed with the ongoing trends on the platform. For example, if you go to the explore page and start watching Reels, you will find many trending Reels. 

For instance, you might come across multiple Reels that use similar audio or a song. As of July and August 2021, the song Beggin by Måneskin was trending on Instagram Reels, followed by Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles. So every third reel had these songs in the background because they were a hot trend at that time.  

On the same lines, September 2021 was full of Reels with dance numbers on songs like Woman by Doja Cat, stay by The Kid Laroi and Justin Beiber. When the songs or dance numbers trend on Reels, users get to know about them through Reels, and it gets easier to hop on the trends. Thus, you can stay updated and get in your target audience’s feed simply by using trending audio or performing a viral dance routine. 

Express Yourself 

Whether you’re a singer, songwriter, dancer, makeup artist, painter, or homemaker, Reels will help you express yourself. You can market your business, perform dance routines, post song covers, post behind the scenes of your art, or even ASMR videos on Reels. Your targeted audience will find you and follow you. 

Though the trends influence Reels, they still allow influencers and users to express their true potential through Reels. You can be creative about creating, editing, and posting your Reels, and showcasing your personality in the best way possible.  

Besides being a fun way of expressing yourself, Reels will also help you gain more Instagram followers. So, you’re killing two birds with a stone.

Now that we know why you need to start making Reels, let’s have a look at the best ways to create Reels and get maximum exposure: 

  • Make reels showing before and after: It can be about makeup, room makeover, cleaning, and whatnot.
  • Tell a story: Whether you are running a budding business, struggling with an ongoing illness, traveling, or on a fitness journey – share your story through Reels. 
  • Announce New Products: If your business is planning the launch of a new range of products, Reels is the best way to announce it. 
  • Make a Tutorial: Tell your customers how your products will help them. Make Reels that teach or showcase to your audience how they can use your products and bring a change in their lives. 
  • Hop on Trends: Dance, music, questionnaire, fun dialogues – whatever it is. If it is trending on Reels, hop on and try it for yourself. 

With this, we saw how Reels are the future of Instagram posts and content and why you should make them. There is no end to creativity, so use yours to the fullest and make the best Reels for you and your business. So, gain Instagram followers, boost your reach, and get the best exposure with Reels. Start creating today! 


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