Four Ways to Break an Air Conditioner in a Car – You Don’t Do That, Do You?

As car owners, we often neglect the advice of car repair in Bangalore mechanics and delay repairs to the last. However, it could very easily extend the life of the air conditioner.

To make the air conditioner in the car last longer and cool like new, it is enough not to do these three things:

  1. Washing the air conditioner condenser with your own hands

Nowadays, the air conditioning condenser is usually installed in front of the engine cooling radiator in most modern cars. Dirt gets accumulated between them, which diminishes heat transfer and, as a result, the performance of the air conditioner. Hands ask to wash away the dirt. But these things must be performed with extreme caution.

What is the danger? A strong jet from the hose can easily bend the condenser plates; in this regard, overheating threatens the driver and the engine. Car service professionals successfully solve problems of this kind.

If you want to eliminate the contamination yourself, then you must first remove the front bumper and disconnect the engine and air conditioning heat exchangers.

  1. Dirt on the air conditioning pipes

 In many models, the air conditioner tubes lie on the horizontal elements of the side member or body splash guard, where they get direct exposure to dirt, water and road chemicals. Such tubes themselves change temperature regularly, which suggests there is a risk of electrochemical corrosion.

What is the danger? If there is a formation of leakage in the aluminum pipe because of corrosion, then the air conditioning system will depressurize, and expensive repairs will have to be spent.

Avoiding such problems is straightforward: it is enough to rinse the vulnerable parts of the tubes with water regularly. If corrosion traces are already visible, treatment with Movil-type insulating preparations will be required.

  1. Postpone repairs until spring

Sometimes, at the end of summer, the air conditioner begins to junk or stops turning on altogether, some car owners decide to postpone the service until spring. Often car owners make mistakes in which the A / C compressor turns on when attached to a constantly rotating engine pulley.

What is the danger? When the air conditioning system gets depressurized, the compressor in the design will be unable to turn on, but will continue to rotate. After some time, there will be a risk of scoring in its piston elements. Such things can cause the pulley to jam and break the accessory drive belt.

How to understand what type of compressor activation is installed in your car? If, when you start the air conditioner, you hear a loud metallic noise from under the hood, then it suggests you are in luck: the electromagnetic clutch is performing, that is, even with an unfilled air conditioner, the car is not in danger. In theory. However, even in such a case, it is not worth postponing visiting a car service station until warm days. Since, the air conditioner should also perform in the cold season.

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