Get a best deal on cricket sport cards and accessories-

Whether it is long time hobbyists, investors or collectors, getting a great deal on cricket sports cards and accessories is always fun.

With the boom in the sports card industry and digital economy, the transactions have become easier and efficient. 

Also, the counterparty risk is largely eliminated since the cricket trading cards

 are authenticated prior to listing, sellers receive payout immediately, and new buyers instantly receive ownership of their cards which is represented in their portfolio immediately. Even new and creative ways of keeping the digitized assets have come into the picture. Various organizations photograph and digitize your cards with high-resolution cameras and upload them to your gallery. They also offer the option to make your entire collection – or only certain cards – public.

You can get an amazing set of deals on sports cards and accessories  on Rario, an Indian tech platform. It is a cricket fans’ club, where lovers of the sport can collect, trade and play with collectibles ranging from player cards to video moments to cricket artefacts. This would mean that you can now be part of the selected few people who can own these cricket collectibles digitally.

Rario has teamed up with the biggest leagues and players in the world to convert these epic highlights into ‘Moments’ that you can collect & cherish forever.The moments are carefully curated by cricket experts & analysts, making sure that cricket fans have the most heart-thumping, adrenaline pumping moments to collect & showcase.

Each officially licensed digital collectible will have a unique serial number and unique identification, powered by Non Fungible Token (NFT) technology. 

Rario has three card types-

  1. Moment Cards. An unforgettable moment of cricketing skill display
  1. Player Cards. For the true fans of the players
  1. Artefact Cards. Cricket venues, and gear are often times as famous as the players themselves

Each card has 4 variants.

Silver card – These are the most common cards, and have a print run of maximum 50,000.

Gold Card – These are premium cards, and have a print run of maximum 2,500.

Black Card – These are rare cards, and have a print run of maximum 200.

Unique Card – These are unique cards, and have a print run of 1 card only.

So, whether you are looking for a video clip of the action from famous players or a moment card that would add shine to your extensive collection, you will find all of it here at Rario with great deals. You will also have a chance to deal in the marketplace along with other passionate fans of the sports as well as quick access to Rario club with these NFTs cards.

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