Get eCommerce Solutions for Small Business through the Best eCommerce Shopping Cart Development Platform

There are various eCommerce shopping cart development service providers. All of them make many claims to make your sales increase by many folds. But, only a handful of them stands true to their claim. A plethora of platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Hikashop/Hikamart, Prestashop, Sharetribe, CS-Cart, X-Cart, NopCommerce, and many others claim to provide 100% reliable and economical eCommerce solutions for small business but none of them actually do so.

Platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce don’t even provide the feasibility to let anyone create a multi-vendor store of their own. Therefore, you as a store owner have to rely on the non-trustable third-party service provider that will custom develop extensions for you. The second alternative is that you subscribe to the existing plugin which might cause compatibility issues with other extensions of the marketplace you have inscribed. In both ways, you have to spend a lot of money and your investment might get drained in an exponential manner. In case you get trapped by the lucrative websites of such platforms then you might have made a very big mistake for your budding business.

Platforms like BigCommerce and Magento don’t even let anyone create a fully functional eCommerce shopping cart web store of their own. The reason being the features they provide in the freemium version is not potent enough to product value and revenue to the business. Similar is the case with CS-Cart and NopCommerce. One more big disadvantage with CS-Cart is that you don’t get free customer support. Moreover, they charge credits for any service that has to be availed either from their customer support or core development service. The value of one credit point is equal to many US dollars. Platforms like Magento showcases a lot of compatibility issues amongst its available plugins for various versions. That means you cannot expect that a plugin that is solely made for a specific version may work for the rest of the versions. Also, there is absolutely no feature of auto-updating.

You as a store owner have to manually manage the functioning of the whole marketplace and each and every plugin installed when subscribed to Magento. The customer support of this platform is at the dearth of this field. The reason being they don’t cater the queries for version 1.0. They decided to shut down/decommission the version 1.0 compatible plugin all of the sudden without any prior intimation or support. Neither they provided any alternative for their current subscribers of version 1.0 to migrate to the newer version. Same as BigCommerce, Sharetribe also doesn’t provide any essential fully-functional features in their freemium version. In fact, you cannot even create an omnichannel, PWA compliant marketplace in the freemium version.

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To overcome all such challenges you need one such reliable eCommerce shopping cart development platform that not only provides eCommerce solutions for small business but also provides absolutely scalable ones for enterprise ones. Sellacious has more than 5000 essential eCommerce features leveraging which a store owner can create fully functional and agile – b2b, b2c, c2c, niche or multi-vendor eCommerce software, that too within 15 minutes. . Reach out to the customer support to know more. Unlike CS-Cart and BigCommerce, Sellacious’s customer support is available for free 24×7, 365 days to hear out all your grievances, resolve them and provide solutions to custom requirements through the core development team. This open-source development tool also provides custom development support for various other platforms at comparatively lower rates than the source companies like for CS-Cart, etc.

You as a store owner can define as many roles as you want and also define the permission access for each role. The admin can define custom subscription packages for the vendor who wishes to join their multi-vendor marketplace. They can also let the vendor define their own set of rules for shipment, packaging, tax imposition, discount and coupon rule generation and implementation, query for price, call for price, payment options, marketing, prices, product and variant upload, etc. Also, the store owner can customize their own storefront as per the company standards. They can tweak into the style of the things that would appear. The vendors can display the permitted number of products and variants. The store owner can incorporate Stripe Connect for easy payouts and refunds to customers in case of returns or exchanges. Also, the core team offers custom development services for complete modules or extensions. Choose the best, go for Sellacious!

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