Hair – The Crowning Glory

The desire to look young and beautiful is human weakness and is as old as the origin of the human being himself. Hair is the most important part of the personality and the condition of the hair can make or break its appearance. It is “The glory of the coronation” or a rebellious tangle that refuses to do what it is told. The head is the seat of the five sense organs and is the most important part of the human body. To protect the head from heat, wind, dust, etc., nature has blessed it with smooth skin and abundant dark hair. Premature graying and hair loss, as well as the cause of dandruff, have become common disorders these days. It is of great concern to those affected by these disorders, especially women who consider good, clean, shiny hair with long, thick hair as a sign of beauty.

Hair is made up of dead cells that contain a fibrous protein, keratin, whose rate of production determines hair growth. During the growth phase of a hair, the root of the hair is firmly enclosed by a living tissue called the bulb that supplies keratin to the hair. The hair that grows on the scalp is the type of terminal hair that is thicker, longer and pigmented with a pigment present in the hair shaft: red or black melanin, produced by cells called melanocytes at the base of the hair follicle. . If these cells do not receive any pigment, the cortex of each hair becomes transparent and the resulting hair appears white. Next to each follicle, there is a sebaceous gland that secretes sebum Cordless automatic hair curler, necessary to lubricate the hair and protect the scalp from localized fungal or bacterial infections.

Hair is a very delicate structure, so to give it regular care and attention we must know more about it. Premature graying, hair loss, dandruff and thinning, fungal and bacterial infections of the scalp, baldness, splitting and slow hair growth are major hair problems. The most important cause of hair problems is improper nutrition. There can also be psychological causes such as excitement, anger, passion, mental tension, etc. for various hair problems. People with a chronic cold can also get hair diseases. Washing hair with lukewarm water, excessive use of chemical shampoo, use of chemical hair dyes / dyes are also major factors responsible for premature graying, hair loss, division, brittleness and thinning of the hair.

Most hair disorders appear to be more cosmetic. According to the doctors:

  1. Brittle hair is usually due to overuse of shampooing, styling or blow drying.
  2. Very dry hair is often the result of overuse of hot rollers or curling irons or of frequent perming, coloring, or bleaching.
  3. Similarly, the use of current chemical shampoos is the main cause of most hair disorders, destroying the natural nutrition and defense system of the hair roots, resulting in premature hair loss and graying. and the aging of the outer skin.
  4. About dandruff, researchers believe that dandruff can be caused by a yeast such as a fungus on the scalp, although they have not discovered a foolproof way to combat it. The entire surface of a person’s body continually sheds dead skin cells. The skin itself sheds every twenty-four days. Dandruff, the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp at an excessive rate, is the result of the normal growth process of skin cells on the scalp.

Excessive use of hair sprays and gels, improper use of hair coloring products or excessive use of electric hair curlers, cold weather and dry indoor heating, tight-fitting hats and scarves, infrequent shampooing or improper rinsing, Stress, anxiety and tension, infections, etc., are the normal causes of hair disorders, in addition to other physical, physiological or hereditary causes. The normal lifespan of each hair is three to six years. Each hair grows in a hair cycle that can be divided into three stages: the growth stage (Anacin) which lasts from two to six years, the partial degeneration stage (Catalan) which lasts between 10 and 14 days, and finally the stage resting (Telogen). during that time the hair falls out and there is an involution of the hair follicles that lasts about a hundred days. Daily hair and scalp care is very important to maintain their health and enhance their beauty. This routine includes brushing, combing, cutting,

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