Hair Transplantation Techniques: Robotic Vs.FUE

There are both resemblances and differences in men and women when it pertains to hair loss or hair loss. Many treatments offer you temporary results, yet if you are trying to find a long-term option to baldness after that, a hair transplant is the only service. Hair transplant Dubai is a treatment where the hair from the baldness resistant location like the back of your head changed to the area with hair loss or baldness.

Hair Transplantation Techniques

The various methods that you can go with hair remediation are FUT, FUE, and Robotic Hair Transplant. Among all these hair transplantation methods, FUE is the most extensively used technique for hair transplantation. Because of its minimally intrusive functions, the doctors advise this method to most people. Nonetheless, one needs to meticulously review the advantages and disadvantages of a hair transplant before undergoing the entire procedure.

Below, we are most likely to give the information of two advanced hair transplant approaches: Robotic and FUE.

Robotic Hair Transplant

Robot hair transplantation is the current strategy and a remarkable achievement in the field of hair remediation. The individuals can attain excellence and also higher efficiency in their hair transplant treatments with robot systems. As a result of removing the danger of human errors, this method offers outstanding outcomes.

In Robotic FUE hair reconstruction, a robotic arm is used to do the follicular device removal, and all it is performed with the assistance of the image-guided robot system. The removal of grafts with the robot method is a taxing procedure that needs the surgeon’s focus. However, the robotic system, which the doctor director, would have the ability to offer the appropriate angle, depth, and also uniformity to give healthy grafts for collecting.

The Benefits of Robotic Hair Transplant

  • It eliminates discomfort and risk from strip surgery
  • This technique uses electronic mapping that far progressed to the human eye
  • By supplying far better graft selection, it generates premium results with fewer grafts
  • It makes use of precise as well as regular graft dissection strategies throughout the therapy
  • It offers virtually Scar Complimentary results
  • It supplies effective healing with quick healing time
  • It gives a natural as well as permanent head of hair

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE means Follicular Device Removal. One of the most used strategies of hair transplant surgical treatment. Individual hair grafts are removed from the donor area in the FUE treatment, i.e., one by one. This central point distinguishes this approach from FUT hair transplant and likewise makes it a painless stitch-less and scar-less procedure. After the hair remediation procedure, the benefactor location is covered with antibiotic ointment and also clothing. The dressing will eliminate the adhering to morning.

While the removal of grafts, the medical professionals can see the high quality up close and personal. They very carefully remove hair grafts to ensure their survival. FUE hair transplant does not cause significant scarring; it just leaves tiny circular dots on the contributor location. These small scars will conveniently get hidden by the existing hair on the scalp. So, there is no demand to worry about the scarring after FUE hair transplantation.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant

Since FUE is a minimally intrusive procedure, it does not result in significant or straight scarring, unlike the FUT hair reconstruction approach.

This strategy has highly tiny dots left on the benefactor location, and these marks are so minor that they will quickly obtain covered by the existing hair.

In most instances, the back and sides of the person’s scalp function as the benefactor area since it is the loss of hair-resistant site. What happens if the patient does not have appropriate hair follicles on the back of his scalp?

Here is one more advantage of the FUE hair transplant technique in Dubai. In FUT, the hair follicles are collected from the rear of the head in the form of a tiny strip, while FUE permits various other body components to act as the benefactor areas in men, besides the scalp. These body components can be beard, breast, arms, legs, thighs, etc.


After 10– 15 days, the hair transplanted hair will certainly lose away momentarily. Your brand-new hair will begin expanding permanently afterward, and it will slowly end up being denser gradually. Therefore, the transplanted hair will undoubtedly grow naturally, and you can clean and cut your hair like before without the anxiety of losing them again.

Nevertheless, you require to deal with particular preventative measures and some post-operative instructions given by your medical professional. By complying with the prescribed suggestions and guidelines, you’ll have the ability to obtain the best possible results after your hair transplantation surgical treatment.


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