Healthy foods that may result in acne breakouts

It is quite common for men and women of all ages to develop acne breakouts at some point of time in their lives. It is commonly experienced by teenagers. Even adults are found to suffer from issues. Acne however is not a dangerous disease or life-threatening. But then it may be a bit painful and also make the person to appear ugly if it develops on the face or other visible body parts. Fortunately, there are some natural acne cures that can help cure such skin problems.  This way, you can avoid spending a fortune on those over-the-counter products. The truth is that certain healthy food when taken in excess may cause acne breakouts. You may not be aware of the fact that the health-conscious diet that you could be following might turn out to the real reason for your recent breakouts. But granola honey almond is completely safe to be consumed at all times. 

Bad healthy foods that you should not consume in excess to avoid acne breakouts

  • Corn: This edible item is rich in sugar, thus being considered to be an enemy to having clear skin. But corn is very much healthy, delicious and sweet. Having lots of natural sugars only increases your body insulin levels, thus developing acne. Eliminate corn from your diet until your acne problem has been solved. 
  • Bananas: Many people just love to have bananas as it is a stomach filling food. They contain certain vitamins, rich in potassium and a real healthy food that is quite delicious. But being rich in sugar, they tend to cause a sharp surge in insulin, thereby causing acne and inflammation. Reduce consumption if you desire to cure your acne problems. 
  • Granola: If you want to treat acne the natural way, then you should cut significantly on sugar consumption. Granola is indeed a good healthy breakfast option. However, it is also rich in sugar that can spike your blood sugar instantly. This, in turn, releases insulin in good amounts, thereby causing inflammation and new pimples. You may resort to having granola cashew that is completely safe and also low in sugar content. 
  • Dried fruits: Fresh fruits are healthy and recommended by health experts for all ages. But then, you are recommended to eat a small piece only at a time. Excess consumption is likely to spike sugar level in your body, thus leading to inflammation and acne developments. Again, dried fruit is equally dangerous for acnes since except sugar, the entire fruit gets dried. Hence, this dried fruit can be termed to be a mere lump of sugar. If consumed in excess, it will only raise your body’s sugar level, increase insulin as well as start inflammation process. 
  • Cheese: It is healthy and delicious. This is one of the favourite health foods as it is rich in certain vitamins and calcium. But it may result in inflammation, thereby causing acne all over the face region. 

To cure acne breakouts naturally does not necessarily mean you have to sacrifice your favourite edible items. Just watch what you are having!

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