How a Business Leader can Motivate and Inspire people in difficult times?

Well, a leader’s role is not just too simply order their employees to work and expect them to do what you want. A good leader should know how to inspire their team to provide effective and efficient work results. Trevor Koverko is a business leader, a co-founder, and CEO of Polymath Network which is the interface between financial securities and the blockchain. Prior to this, Trevor Koverko founded several other companies.

Here is how a business leader can motivate and inspire their people in difficult times.

Limit the amount of time or effort that you’re asking for:

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going,” said Jim Ryun, an American former Republican politician and Olympic track and field athlete, who at his peak was widely considered the world’s top middle-distance runner. He won a silver medal in the 1500 m at the 1968 Summer Olympics, and was the first high school athlete to run a mile in under four minutes.

When a leader asks their employees to work late at night and provide better results, this is a lot to ask in a single time. Well, it can be acceptable to work late at night for one day or even for a week but if you think that your employees should work till late night every day then it’s not at all possible. As a leader, you should make sure that your employee’s work productivity and creativity should not be affected due to their late-night work. So, try to set an end date on which you can expect your employees to finish their work tasks.

Share in the sacrifice:

A good leader will never ask their employees to do work that they are not willing to do. The leader understands the value of hard work their employees provide and they also value work-life balance, so they will never ask their employees to work on weekends, so that can have some personal space to enjoy. If something important comes into the workplace then a good leader should roll up their sleeves and share the load of work to inspire their team members.

Appeal to their emotions:

Well, it is true that fear can grab everyone’s attention and is the most effective way to motivate someone, like “when your boss says if we don’t get this work right, we all will lose our jobs”, this fear of losing the job can allow people to provide positive results. But you keep resorting to fear it will end in de-motivating your people. A study refers that most people are motivated through positive emotions, like excitement, pride, and the thrill of achievement.

Give people multiple reasons for doing what you want them to do:

This is one of the unique ways to inspire your team to work effectively, is by giving them real reasons that can encourage them to work. When a leader requests their employees to work by providing the organization’s reason like, “if we don’t get this project done on time, we will lose the contract”. Well, if you want your employees to complete the project in a given schedule then encourage them by giving them an extra day off or a bonus. This will inspire your team to provide quick and effective results.

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