How can free online courses help students?

There is so much free content available online that one would be foolish not to exploit it to the
fullest. Welcome to the 21st century where information overload, and not information deficiency,
is the problem. If you are a student, you have your whole career ahead of you. This is the time
to learn more skills, gather all the knowledge that you can in the world. With free online courses, there is absolutely no barrier between you and learning. When you are a student, the
biggest disadvantage for you is that you are always broke! But a free online course solves this
problem as well. Everyone has an internet connection these days, and that is all you need. First
of all, you have to keep in mind that not every free course is worth enrolling in. Let’s see how to
save you from substandard courses:
● Look for courses on authentic websites like Udemy, Coursera, and Skill share.
● Courses available on government websites and websites of leading Universities are also
a good option.
● Some individual creators on social media are offering excellent free courses. Make sure
you check testimonials of other students before opting for it.
● Check reviews before spending your precious time on a course.
● See how many students have already done this. Usually, a course taken up by a large
number of students is value-packed.
● Always check the contents of the course first. If it doesn’t cover the topics you expected
to learn, choose another.
Now that you are armed to choose the right course for you, let’s see how a student can benefit
from free online courses:

Be ahead of your fellow classmates

Do you remember that one guy in class who would know everything even before the teacher
begins teaching? Yes, you can be that guy. With the help of online courses, you can study
your topics beforehand. You will be one step ahead of your classmates. When everyone else is
running through the same books, you will have an edge. You would have used a different
source and learned it from a different angle.
(Do you dread assignments? It is awful to feel clueless when the sword of deadline is hanging
over your head. A free online course can also help you in researching for the assignments).

You will be provided quality over quantity

Most of the free courses are short and concise. Unlike paid courses, they are not far-fetched.
Though, that could be a downside for you if you want in-depth knowledge. The best free
courses provide quality content in very less time. Most of the individual creators send out
freebies with a purpose of increasing their following and clientele. Naturally they give their best
to gain more followers.

You can decide your own pace

The next big trouble in a student’s life (after the shortage of money) is the lack of time. Online
courses are self-paced, which means you can choose your learning hours for yourself. Some

massive open online courses are in the form of live webinars, too. But mostly they’re recorded
for the students to view later. You don’t have to punish yourself on the days you don’t feel like
studying, or when you’re unwell. You won’t undergo the rigors of travel to learn.

Improve your CV

Suppose you are a shy student. You never really participated in event management, or anything
that broadens your knowledge horizons. Now you don’t know what to write in your CV to land a
job. A free online course could be just the right solution for you. The more courses you keep
enrolling in, the more your skill set increases. You even get a certificate of completion with some
free courses. However, getting a certificate is not enough unless you actually make an effort to
develop your skill.

Apply for scholarships confidently

Did you know online courses can also make you a deserving candidate for scholarships? Top-
class universities don’t assess a student solely on the basis of degree marks. They choose
those with more skills and capabilities.

Satisfy your curiosity

Everyone in this world is fascinated by more than one thing, right? And human beings have an
innate desire to learn more about the things they find interesting. Unfortunately, you cannot
study multiple subjects in college. You may be interested in astrophysics but also fluid
mechanics. Now if you choose the subject of astrophysics in your formal degree, how will you
learn fluid mechanics? Feed your curiosity with the free courses without regrets.

Parting Note

There is a famous phrase that says, “Nothing comes for free”. According to this phrase, there is
always a price to pay. But this is partially true as the same doesn’t apply to free courses.
Therefore, you have no reason to be skeptical and stop your growth.

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