How Can Wifi marketing Prove To Be Beneficial for Your Business?

If you want to gain customer loyalty and improve the revenue of your business through wifi marketing then, IPPBX has got you covered.

How about providing free wifi and earning profit in return? Sounds good? You might be thinking that how this can happen. Well, everything can happen in this world of technology. Some years ago, Who thought that marketing would shift from going place over the place and telling people about your brand to the online advertisement? New marketing trends are evolving every day. Businesses these days are using wifi for business which is termed as wifi marketing.

This new trend comes with a lot of benefits that can take your business to a new level. You offer free wifi to visitors that come to your brand. They log in with their information to the wifi connection and you use this information to increase the revenue of your business and customer experience as well. Wifi marketing tools have turned out to be very beneficial for businesses. Business owners can send promotional videos regarding their brand to these guests. 

This increases the public figure of your brand and more people get to know about your business. Wifi for business has helped business owners to engage with their customers in different ways. When a guest comes to your brand and you offer free wifi, he/she spends more time in your shop. Even if that customer does not come again, you can still send him/her promotions regarding your products through email or SMS messages. 

Wifi Marketing Helps Customers & Brands Too

Wifi marketing tools can benefit both businesses and their customers as well. Advertising your brand through wifi not only helps in increasing sales but improving the customer’s experience too. Those who are not using this incredible marketing technique for their brand recognition are making a huge mistake. Every business has a working wifi connection. Some are open and some provide passwords on being asked. When you are paying for the internet then, why not use it for your business productivity?

Using this marketing solution, you can offer free wifi to every visitor. This will let them remember your brand always. While they are using free wifi, in the meanwhile, you can use their information to promote the products that your brand offers. Wifi marketing has provided significant advantages to businesses where people spend more time. Restaurants, hotels, and gyms are very common examples. Let’s see how it can benefit both customers and brands.

Customer Insights for Brand Promotion

This advantage of wifi advertising is mainly for business owners. Every brand is paying an internet vendor for providing an internet connection. This wifi connection can be used to help your business grow by offering free wifi to the guests that come to your shop. When the visitor will connect with your wifi, you can collect the customer data to send them digital ads regarding your brand.

Knowing The Customer’s Interest

Wifi advertisement lets the business owners know about the interest of visitors that once connected to the free wifi. Normally, customers hesitate to provide their email IDs and prefer connecting through Facebook. This makes it easy for you to learn about the interest of such visitors. This helps in sending them promotions that they can not refuse.

Helps In Increasing Revenue

Investing in this powerful marketing tactic helps in earning huge profits. This outweighs the costs that you invested in your business. When your number of customers keeps on increasing, your brand becomes popular and you end up with increased revenue. 

Accessible Internet

This factor benefits your customers or visitors that have come to your brand. People love to stay connected and easy internet access makes it possible for them. They can reconnect easily whenever they enter the building. This creates a strong relationship between customers and your brand. 

Improved Customer Experience

By providing a free wifi connection your brand can improve the experience of all the valuable customers. Improved customer experience means that your brand has gained the loyalty of customers. By utilizing the data of customers, you can know about their interests and send them promotions accordingly. 


Wifi advertisement has disrupted all the other methods of marketing. With the help of advertisements through wifi, you can convert as many customers as you want. Businesses get data that they can use to target the right audience with new promotions. Whereas, customers have a safe internet connection on which their credentials are protected. 


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