How much does mobile insurance cost

This is a key element in making the decision. Ultimately, mobile insurance will or may not be worth it depending on the cost.

Today you can contract mobile insurance with your operator or do it through specialized portals. All the large teleoperators have their own insurance, both  Vodafone, Orange,  Telefónica or  Yoigo have it. In addition, you can also check these other three companies:

  • Your mobile insurance. It offers several types of insurance, from the most basic only with screen breakage to those that also cover theft.
  • Mobile insurance. It allows you to find out very easily the price of your insurance depending on the value of the mobile.
  • Klinck . Zurich insurance is also marketed by BBVA. It has the peculiarity that you do not need to hire it for the whole year. You can hire it and activate or deactivate it whenever you want.

If you have an expensive mobile … better secure it

So, as a general rule, you should make the comparison between the quality and the price of the insurance , between the coverages that they offer you and what you will end up paying the company. To these two elements we must add, as already indicated, the price and the life span of the phone. The higher the amount and the less seniority, the more advisable it is to take out mobile insurance, but it will also be more expensive.

In the same way, if your device fits these parameters, it is recommended that you include the coverages, not only for screen breakage, but also protection against liquid damage or theft.

Seniority can be an impediment

There is also another fundamental aspect: securing a new mobile – be it an expensive or a cheaper one – is simple: there are hardly any requirements to be met. However,  if you have a phone that already has a certain ‘trot’, it is possible that the insurer will refuse to cover you. 

As a consequence, seniority is a doubly relevant factor, since, even if the insurer is willing to sell you a policy, you must also  assess whether it pays for you to pay for a device that may have little time to live.

Before purchasing a mobile …

From the  Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) they  offer the following  tips to buy a mobile phone:

  • Sometimes,  your mobile phone is taken away in a mistake  (it is called theft and it is not the same as a robbery), so it is not covered by insurance.
  • A breakdown of the mobile phone or a factory defect are already covered by the  guarantee of purchase  of the phone  (during the first two years), that is to say, that the policy would not be necessary in that case.
  • If they break into your house and take your smartphone,  the normal thing is that it is  covered by your home insurance  (some even include robberies that occur on the street).

However, as it happens in the various spheres of life, as well as when contracting insurance of another type, you must make the decision based on your own interests, that is, it is  a matter of priorities. We present you the general casuistry, but the decision is yours.

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