How to Beautifully Decorate Your Home with Pendant Lights?

Your home is the place where you spend half of your lifetime. So, it should be given proper care, also it requires aesthetics to brighten your living. It is human nature, that your eyes want to see something refreshing and lively to live a meaningful life. There are ways to make changes to your home such as renovation. This sounds expensive, yes it requires changing your furniture and much more. Instead, find ways that require minimal changes such as improving the lighting of your space. You can choose pendant lights that illuminate the space and look so beautiful. Pendant lights are fixtures, hang on the ceiling to increase the lighting. Such lights come in various designs, finishes, styles. It all depends on the choice and place you want the pendant light to hang.

Pendant Lights Can Brighten Different Rooms at Home

There are many designs and ways possible to decorate your home. Let us follow some of the expert tips.

1. Wooden Pendant lights:

A wood material always gives rich look to space, a wooden hanging pendant light comes in various designs. If you are looking to enhance your decor, then wood is the best choice to buy. It comes in a nice finish, gives natural look such designs blends with every kind of decor.

2. Terracotta Pendant Lights:

Terracotta pendant light hangers cab is painted in many different colours. It is hung on the ceiling with a metal chain attached with 3 sides wired onto the light. Under it, a bulb is fitted to lighten the space. The colour on the terracotta also plays an important role in illuminating the space.

  • Bottle-shape pendant lights:

A bottle shape fits smaller spaces, as it protects the bulb from rain and other dust. Along with this, it is easy to maintain and looks decorative.

3. Metallic Pendant Lights:

 A metallic comes in various design that makes it look timeless. The colours available are golden, silver, etc. Such lights never get outdated, due to the look it has. A ceiling pendant light adds grace, which reflects your personality. It comes in shapes such as cylindrical, oval, square, etc. 

  • Cylindrical: This is the most common design but, it comes in various colors and patterns that look great.

4. Brass Pendant Lights:

Brass comes in a single colour, which is its natural shade. Due to the colour, it adds attraction, it sets a vintage tone to your space. Brass is usually famous in the eastern states of India. Some designs include a steel net along with a brass cylinder. This gives a nice finish to the pendant light.

Your kitchen island requires such designs; you wash the dishes there. It requires proper cleaning that needs to install on the above roof.

A corner area of your room is the best place to install pendant lights, it does not get proper lighting.

5. Glass Shade Pendant Lights:

This is a design of lampshade, that adds a classy look to your decor. The glass comes in different colours, which allows you to choose the ambience of your space.

6. 3 Shades Pendant Lights:

A 3 shade light looks fabulous, it is something unique you get for your space. This adds a cheery look, which your kids will like too. This resembles the wing chime design, which symbolizes love and purity.

The length of pendant lights comes in different sizes, if you do not want it in long size, small lengths are also available.

7. 9 Shades Pendant Lights:

   9 shades come with different lengths of reach adds style to your space. You can use this in your balcony area. The exterior of your house is also the best place to add pendant lights.

Another way to decorate your space that spruce up the vibes. In winters, it adds a warm and cosy feeling to your lobby, veranda, balcony. A pendant light hangs on a chain, rod, or cord adds a different kind of styling to space. If you see it, you will find two types of categories under it such as uplighting pendants and down lighting pendants. Now, the designs fall under this. Choose your way, at offices, homes, or any kind of space you have. There are designs for every demand, consider the above designs and for more visit the website online.

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