How to check graphics card windows 10

First, it is important to remember that the graphics card is one of the components on which the capabilities of your desktop or laptop computer will depend most directly when you want to use the latest generation games or larger. Want to take action on resolution images. This card is dedicated to the processing of computer-related video and image-related data.

There are two types of graphics cards, the integrated card that is attached to the processor itself as part of it, and the dedicated ones that you can attach separately from the computer as if they were an external unit supporting CPU. Can be done Especially for essential tasks.

When you buy your PC, you should look to a trusted guide to find out which graphics card to choose. However, in order to know which of your windows computers is connected, there are three main ways that you are going to explore here.

How to know your graphics card through system information.

There is a way through the information of Windows system. Open the Start menu (Windows window) and type msinfo32 at the bottom of the search box and the option “System Information” will appear. This will be the only result of this search. Click and you’ll be taken to a window with information about your computer: model, brand, processor, operating system and version you have integrated into it, among many other things.

On the right side of the screen, you have several aspects from which you can choose. Go to Components, display different options, and select Screen. When you click on it, your graphics card information will appear in the big box and first.

How to find graphics card information by command.

If you have a computer-based on Windows 10, 8.1, and Windows 7, one way to find out what your graphics card is to go to the search option and type directX Will take over using ccgadget. Click on this result and it will take you to the DirectX Information window. Accept the terms of the popup window that appears and there you will go to the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

You will have access to information such as the name of your processor, the speed at which it works, the amount of RAM you have, which version of DirectX you have installed, or your version of Windows 10. And your graphics card. To do this, in the upper tabs, you need to access the second tab, which refers to the details of the screen. There you will find your graphics card information.

Get to know your graphics card through the application.

These applications are specifically designed to track your computer’s graphics card. The most popular is CPU-Z, a free tool though you can donate some money to the page if you wish. Access the official CPU-Z website and click on one of the download links that appear. Once it’s downloaded, run the installer and install the app. You can download. You can choose between the “setup” version or the compressed version in .zip and you have two languages ​​available: English and Chinese.

You download the application, install it, you have to give it proper permission, just like you install any program, and you can choose whether you want to place the icon on your desktop or not. ۔ If you decide that it is not on your desktop, note that in the next step, the location of the new program.


After installation, the program will take some time to load as it will collect technical information from your computer. When you open the main icon, it will tell you the technical information of your team. To find out about your graphics card, click on the program’s upper tab where it says “Graphics”.

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