How to choose a good research topic

Choosing a good research topic can be hectic, especially when you have a variety to select from. It is important to develop a strategy in topic selection. A recent study shows that choosing the right topic makes the research process simple.

The topic development strategy will help you develop your thesis, which is your proposed answer to the research question.

Choosing a good topic is a vital skill for students as it is a foundation of writing a good research paper. The following are major strategies a researcher can employ when choosing a workable research topic;

Brainstorm different ideas

This is the first step in the process of identifying a suitable research topic. It gives you a chance to consider your interests that you can comfortably work on without fear. When brainstorming, identify the field of interest. Begin to sort out different topics based on resource availability, time, methodology, research design, etc.

Be specific

After understanding and selecting the field you want to study, list the possible topics in that field. Consider relevancy and the source of information to avoid challenges during research. Be brief during selection. It is even better to select a topic you came across during your essay writing. This will help you simplify your work.

Narrow down

Even though you are confident with a specific topic, it might be challenging to research a broad topic. Therefore, it is important to narrow down the research topic to make it workable. This will also enhance research direction and clarity in terms of the nature of problem.

It is worth noting that some topics cannot be narrowed down. Such topics are considered infeasible.

Refer to resources that can help you develop a topic

There are a variety of resources that can help a researcher to select a good research topic. They can assist researchers with ideas of relevant topics and how to handle broad research topics. Such resources include;

  • Research guide – It is a great resource that contains research topics that you may be interested in. It identifies other reference materials you may use after selecting a good research topic, such as books, databases, encyclopedias, etc.
  • Library resources – libraries are rich with encyclopedias and credo reference unlimited materials that can help you develop research topic ideas. These materials provide great overviews of topics. It is also possible to get the scope of a topic you are interested in.

Be original

Originality places a researcher at a competitive edge. Therefore, when selecting topics for research, they should avoid topical ideas from other researchers. It is imperative to develop new ideas to enhance uniqueness. Uniqueness will make your work brilliant, interesting to work on, and for the audience to read.

Define your research topic as a question

A research topic presented in the form of a question helps you develop a good thesis of research. You can answer why, who, where, what, how, and when. This makes your research flow and does not leave the audience trying to figure out things on their own.

Set goals to give your research process a direction

Researching without goals is like a ship floating on the sea without a compass direction and can be swayed to any direction. A focused student should formulate the direction of their research. They should set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound goals.

Consider the significance of the topic

Choose a realistic topic that can bring changes both economically and socially. Such a topic has practical implications, is enjoyable to read, and is researchable. Significant topics present real problems that need to be addressed.

Avoid exhausting topic

Topics that have been done repeatedly have a lot of information available and are easy to tackle. However, such topics are not interesting to read and rarely hook the attention of the audience. You are likely to access someone else’s information since the topic details are exhausted, and you cannot find something new for your work.

Select a topic you are curious about

Curiosity can lead to choosing a good topic for research. As you do your research, you satisfy your curiosity and learn new things. A topic picked out of curiosity is researchable.

You have a chance to discover a topic interesting to the audience. The good thing is that any topics chosen out of curiosity can hook your audience.

Discuss topic ideas with your instructor

It is imperative to discuss your topics with your instructors or friends. This will help you understand the topic better. You will also know if the chosen topic is worth researching.

The bottom line

You can work on many research topics, but choosing a workable topic is quite challenging. The tips discussed in this article will help you choose a good research topic. The above tips will also help you develop research questions that will give your research a direction.


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