How to choose an easy-to-use handheld PDA?

Handheld PDA refers to a handheld terminal device with a data collection function that can be used for mobile use. It can be docked with enterprise software systems. Because of its rugged, safe and reliable design, it is widely used in industrial scenarios.

The handheld PDA has a built-in wireless communication module and uses the Android/Windows operating system to collect data from one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes, and to read RFID. At present, there is a mixed bag of hand-held PDAs in the domestic market, and users are entangled in the purchase. So for the average user, how to choose a hand-held PDA? The key principle is to choose the one that suits you according to the application field.

1. Use environment: The logistics and storage environment is full of dust, noisy and dim light, which requires the handheld PDA to have a higher level of protection and adapt to the complex and harsh industrial environment.

2. Network environment: The wireless signal in the logistics warehouse is unstable, which requires the handheld terminal to have stable communication performance.

3. Scanning distance: Faced with a high shelf above 3 meters or a damaged barcode, the staff has to climb up and down to scan the barcode. So choose a handheld terminal with long depth of field, strong decoding ability, and fast reading ability.

4. Operational comfort: The workload of inventory counting is large, the equipment is frequently used for scanning codes, and the use time is long. The handheld terminal needs to be small in size, easy to carry, comfortable to hold, simple to operate, and improve the comfort of the staff.

5. Quality: After choosing the quality and function, there is another important point, which is the after-sales service of the handheld PDA. This involves choosing a high-quality, market-reliable handheld PDA manufacturer and providing comprehensive after-sales service to ensure the product’s application in its own production line.

difference between PDA handheld terminal and smartphone

the current network information technology is developing very fast, from 3G to 4G to the current 5G network, and as the status of smart phones in people gradually improves, the functions of smart phones are becoming more and more abundant, and many people who use handheld terminals People will wonder that handheld terminals are similar to mobile phones, and smart phones have more and more functions. Will smart phones replace handheld terminals? This question is easy to answer, the answer is no.

Everyone knows smart phones very well. Smart phones are indispensable in people’s daily life. It has many functions, but it is still different from handheld terminals. Compared with smart phones, PDA handheld terminals The safety of PDA is higher, because the PDA handheld terminal has stronger structural rigidity and product safety. It can meet various industrial-grade scene applications.

The PDA handheld terminal can be dropped without damage, immersion protection, high temperature or low temperature applications, etc. The industrial protection level of the PDA handheld terminal can reach IP65 to IP67. This level of handheld terminal can work outdoors in various extreme environments without installing any protective shell or protective film.

The PDA handheld terminal has a wide range of security applications and has great potential. It may cover more industries or users in the future. At present, many handheld security terminals produced by many manufacturers also have mobile phone functions, which can switch applications between different work and life systems, thereby simplifying equipment and reducing costs.

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