How to Choose Wall Tapestry Hardware

One of the best ways to add more sparkle to your interior décor is to put some tapestries on the wall. As well as adding style and fashion to your wall, it also provides a nifty way to mask and hide wall imperfections such as cracks and peeling paint.

However, installing tapestries is not as simple as it sounds. This is not just like draping the windows because the curtain hardware is usually already installed along with the construction of the house. With wall hangings, on the other hand, you should start with the installation of wall hangings hardware.

Check the measurements

Before you go out to buy something, make sure you know what measures you are aiming for. Don’t limit yourself to estimates. Some parts of the house appear smaller or larger than they actually are due to the illusions created by the architectural design.

Before leaving, check where the tapestry will hang. A tape measure is needed to do this more accurately. You can also use a marked rope as a measuring tool.

Check the supported installation method

There are many different types of wall wall tapestry hardware and they are not installed in the same way. For example, some may require you to drill holes in the wall with a small drill. Others may be in the form of stickers and will simply stick to the wall.

If you’ve never used one before, the adhesive types of tapestry hardware may not seem reliable enough. However, the grip is quite strong. The only problem is that the adhesive hangers cannot be used on certain walls. If the wall you will be using it on is smooth, using stickers is a quick and easy way to install wall hangings.

Always go with the color scheme

The tapestry hardware set will not take up much space and may not be as visible after hanging the tapestry. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about the appearance of the mat hardware. It will be an eyesore if it doesn’t blend in well with your home interior.

For example, if the overall design of your home interiors is a beautiful contemporary black and white theme, a bright green tapestry hardware set will not be suitable. Depending on the situation, you should probably go for black, white, or silver.

Buy everything in one purchase

Some people buy wall upholstery accessories separately. There is a risk in doing this. For example, you may have bought a beautiful floral tapestry thinking it would go well with wooden tapestry hangers. But what if you can’t find a wooden tapestry hanger?

It is not a good idea to settle for whatever tapestry hardware you find, even if it has no comparison to the tapestry you just bought. It is like forcing a design that is destined to fail. That is why it is advisable to buy them all at once. That way, you get a complete set.

And lastly, you must listen to your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, then something must be really wrong. Just be imaginative and you will come up with a design of your own.

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