How to Double Your Savings by Shopping at Old Navy

Are you an Old Navy fan? You must be for taking a peek here. And why wouldn’t you be? The place has trendy and chic clothes for everyone. For kids and adults, men and women, in small and extra-large sizes, the retail shop has numerous option for anyone who steps in there. The prices are reasonable too because Old Navy is known for being economical for all. And with all the deals that are going live, you cannot have a dull moment for your bank account at Old Navy. 

Savings on Top of Savings

Well, if Old Navy is so economical then why does anybody need to save at all? Come on, now. You cannot be asking this question. But we will still provide an answer, we are kind that way. Double Savings! Yes! Why stop when you can save more! Even if you are a shopping maniac, you would not turn your head from the chance to save. You would want more coupons and you would want to know every deal so that you can get the best product at the best price.

Similarly, we have researched our way into bringing you the best way to double your savings while shopping at Old Navy. Here are a few tips and tricks:

Know When to Shop

If you are a saving fanatic, you would know what this is about. If you are not, you would at least know someone who is an expert at saving, literally anything. To honor those, this is a trick that will help you save more than anything. Knowing when to shop at any store.

For Old Navy, the best time to shop is on Wednesdays, Mondays and of course, everyone’s favorite day, the Sundays. Numerous deals are released in these three days and customers find a huge cut down in the original prices. Even if you do not see much of a price difference, you will definitely see amazing deals matching your taste. Wednesdays, however, take the vote for the best day to shop because of sales on the clearance section.

Go Online

It is the era of ease and the ease that we have gotten with online shopping does not compare with anything. You can get anything anywhere at any time. What you will get at an average price at the store is most likely to be discounted when you shop for it online.

If you talk about the Old Navy, you will almost always find discounted prices on various products, sales going live or deals being offered at low rates. And if you are lucky, you will find promo code old navy for free shipping to get a free delivery of your order to your house. Never miss out on online shopping if you are planning to spend money at Old Navy.

Use Coupons

Nothing helps you save as much as coupons. The coupons are released throughout the year by different websites and them all offer huge discounts on the products. Ranging from 20% off to a whopping 60% off, it is your luck what you will be getting when you subscribe for coupons.

At Old Navy, you will find numerous coupons and nobody said you had to use one! You can apply multiple codes to find a way you can save the most. The most you can use are 3! If you feel adventurous, you can design your own deals by picking the best products at best prices and then using the coupon. It is not a sale if you are not saving!

Subscribe to Their Email Newsletter

We all know how annoying it is to give our email addresses and contact numbers to the sales representative. But there is a benefit to this. You will know when and where the sales are happening right now. I mean, you are not truly availing the discounted prices if you are not aware of what sales are going live. Am I right?

So subscribe to the email newsletter to remain updated about the latest sales, the best deals and the fresh coupons. Your hands might be getting itchy with all the spending they want to do but you need to spend a minute or two in providing your contact information first. You might even get a 25$ coupon with the email subscription.

Don’t Forget Clearance Sales

Last, but not the lease, you will need to be on the lookout for clearance sales. Now I know what you are thinking. Clearance sections have nothing but rusty, old clothes or worn down apparel. But Old Navy’s clearance section is one of the best. Their collection is quite extensive and favorable for all.

You will find amazing T-shirts available in all sizes so that everyone is happy. Not only that, but the designs are also some of the best they offer when you think of clearance sections. Moreover, the clearance sale also goes live few times in a year so you will be saving on top of already saving!  


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