How to Get 360 Waves? Step by Step Guides

Do you want to get the hairstyle of famous rapper Nelly? Isn’t the style cool? It is 360 waves hairstyle, which is also known as ‘360s’ or ‘waves. Because of Nelly, it has become the most popular hairstyle among African-American males.

Do you have curly hair? It is one of the hair patterns that doesn’t suit all types of hairstyles. You are possibly looking for a unique hairstyle that goes best with your hair pattern. If so, then 360s is the most suitable hairstyle of your hair.

The 360s hairstyle enhances the handsome appearance of a person. It also softens and moisturizes your hair. Though 360s is the most suitable hairstyle for curly hair, you also can have it with your straight hair.

Men having curly hair spend a thousand minutes deciding which style will suit them most. For them, the 360 waves will be the most suitable style. Indeed, it will boost your confidence in your appearance. Let’s discuss how to get 360 waves in your hair.

How to get 360 waves?

Ever noticed, how is handsome look the male gives with 360 waves style in their hair? People who realize the attractiveness of this style are eagerly want to apply the hairstyle on their hair.

Now, how to get 360 waves in your hair. Before starting, you must know, what ingredients you need to execute the process. Follow us to know about the products and guidelines of getting 360 waves in your hair.

What you need

Here we have given a short description of the 360 waves product and their use.

  • Healthy hair

A hair pattern without a scalp problem

  • Wave brush

To brush the hair while conducting the waving process. Skip the hard brush. Instead, use the flexible and soft hairbrush.

  • Wave shampoo and conditioner

To make your hair soft and moisturizing. Use regular conditioner if the waving conditioner is unavailable to you.

  • Wave cap/ Wave Durag

To cover your hair after combing. It will accelerate the progress of your hair waves by keeping them at the exact place.

  • Hair pomade

To fix the wavy hair in exact place down to the scalp.

  • Moisturizing lotion or conditioner

To add more moisturize so that the hair works well when waving them.

How to start

Step 1: Recognize your hair type.

Almost all types of hair are suitable for doing 360 waves. Actually, The hair pattern does not have much effect on doing 360 waves. But still waving in curly hair is easier than straight hair.

The waving process will take your hair into different types of chemicals. So, you also need to ensure that you have healthy hair. You should solve the hair problems if you are having hair problems like hair fall, hair damage, or dandruff.

Step 2: Curl your straight hair

The curly hair gives better results in 360 waves hairstyle. So, curl your hair while you have straight hair. But if you want 360 waves in your straight hair, you can keep the hair as they are right now.

Step 3: Do hair cut

The third step is to give an exact shape in your hair. You can choose any type of haircut as your haircut. Also, you can give straight hair waves haircut while having straight hair. But make sure your hair remains not bigger than the 0.8cm.

Step 4: Do shampoo

Now, it’s time to doing shampoo on your hair. Some commercial shampoos are specially made for creating waves in men’s hair. You can apply them to create waves in your hair. Or else, you also can get hair by applying the normal shampoo.

The second process will take some time to get 360 waves in your hair.

Step 5: Apply the other moisturizing ingredients

After shampooing, wipe your hair with a dry and clean towel. Then apply the conditioner, pommel, and hair lotion until these don’t cover your full scalp.

Now, start to brush your hair from the top of your head. By doing so, you will get your answer on how to get waves on top of your head. Gently continue the brushing from the top to the end of the head. Brush the hair down and out, side forward, top forward but downward.

Step 6: Make a circle on the head.

After brushing your hair, you will notice that there has been created a circle in the hair. Most people complain that they don’t get their expected waves in their back hair. That’s because they don’t comb their back hair correctly.

Therefore, don’t apply the brush, only the front side. Also, be careful about the backside of your head while brushing. Do brushing near your neck and the hair under your ears. Use the mirror to check whether they have come into the accurate shape or not.

Step 7: Wear the wave cap/ Wave Durag.

After applying the expected style in your hair, you have to dry it for a few minutes. Put on a wave cap to protect your shaped hair from the external environment. Keep your hair at least for 30 minutes like this.

Remember, you also have to wear the Wave Durag for some days while sleeping. 

However, these are the complete guidelines of getting 360 waves on the head. The same process and steps are also applicable for getting wavy beard. But you have to be more cautious than regular while making waves in your beard.

Additional tips

  • Take vitamin biotin vitamin to get healthy hair
  • Use a clean, warm towel after bathing
  • Use soft wave brush
  • Use a good branded moisturizer
  • Avoid rubbing your head against the pillow

How to maintain the waves?

Maintaining a hairstyle is somehow tricky than having it. You will realize the truth acutely when you apply a hairstyle on your hair. However, to main the 360 waves in your hair, you must follow the given measures.

Step 1: Do routine haircut

Hair is a natural growing part of our body. So, the men have to do haircuts after a specific time. It is also a part of their normal routine. You must follow the routine more strictly when you have applied the 360 waves in your hair. Do your haircut at least once in 2to 4 weeks.

But, make sure the haircut you are taking doesn’t go against your waves. Also, don’t make the hair too short of developing.

Step 2: Maintain moisturize and softness.

The secret of having a great-looking wavy hair is moisturizing them. To maintain the moisturizing and softness, you must hold hydration in your body. Drink adequate fluids to maintain hydration.

Also, wash your hair with plenty of water to keep them soft and moisturize. Use the well-branded moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to moisturize the hair.

Step 3: Continue the process of 360 waves

Naturally, it will take several months to get 360 waves in your hair if you continue the waving process. So, brush your hair at least five times a day and set the hair in an exact place according to the hairstyle. Do the process until you get your desired wave in the hair.

The waving becomes deeper when it takes a longer time. Therefore, to get the deeper wave in your hair, continue the waving process as long time it takes.

Wrap up!

Eventually, by following our guidelines, you can save your cost and get the desired waves in your hair. You needn’t hire any hair specialist, nor you have to go to any parlor. You just need to follow our given procedures if you don’t know how to get 360 waves.

Also, follow our expert suggestions to maintain waves in your hair.


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