How to Have Baby Face Skin?

Once, we were all babies with soft, silky smooth, and glowing skin. We still wish to have that smooth texture again and often question how to have baby face skin?. Over the years, our skin has lost its softness due to many factors, including:

  • Exposure to harsh weather
  • Hormonal level changes due to puberty, pregnancy, stress, and menopause.
  • Daily routine.

You can achieve a smooth baby face with the help of natural or clinical treatments. Besides clinical procedures, spa treatments, or facial acne treatments, lifestyle changes are essential to attain a baby’s smooth skin.

Tips for Baby Smooth Skin

Following are the tips for achieving smooth baby skin:

1- Drink Plenty of Water

Many toxins and waste pile on our skin and cause blemishes, pimples, acne, and blackheads. Drinking plenty of water helps flush out these toxins and waste. When dehydrated, your skin becomes dry and loses its elasticity, and water is proven to help restore and maintain skin elasticity.

You might be doing skin treatments every week, but if you are not caring for your skin from the inside, all your efforts will be in vain. You should be keeping your skin hydrated by drinking at least two liters of water daily. It may sound like a simple task, but things like air conditioning and caffeine dehydrate us at a fast pace, leaving our skin feeling and looking dehydrated, flaky, dry, and prone to acne. 

2- Cleanse Regularly

Wash your face at least twice daily if you use makeup. When doing this, use face wash or mild soap. But, you should clean less often if you have sensitive skin. Cleaning your face clears dead cells and oil build-up. Use your fingertips to scrub gently in a circular, outward motion, and then pat your face dry using a clean, soft towel. Your facial skin is very delicate; therefore, you must follow these instructions:

  • Try using fabric that is gentle on your skin. 
  • Avoid over-cleaning your face. 
  • Clean your face regularly

3- Use Sunscreen

If you are going to leave your house for outdoor activities, do not forget to wear sunscreen on your face, as it will protect your face from harmful sun rays that cause acne, premature aging as well as skin cancer.

4- Use Suitable Facial Products

Know your skin type and use products that suit your skin. For instance, use less oily makeup products and consistently clean your brushes. Always be vigilant in washing off makeup before sleeping to open up pores and allow excretion, as it will go a long way in acquiring a smooth baby face.

5- Consume a Healthy Diet

Eat healthy foods containing a lot of fruits and vegetables. Highly processed foods are not recommended because they cause oil overproduction, causing skin blemishes.

You should also avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking. Smoking stops the free flow of oxygen in the blood and causes premature aging. In contrast, alcohol generates dehydration and swelling of the face.

6- Regulate Stress Levels

Stress is a crucial contributor to premature aging and the formation of wrinkles as it leads to change in hormonal levels. Focus on the positive side of things and try to avoid stressing. 

7- Exfoliate Your Skin

You can use OTC products or home remedies to exfoliate your skin. Home remedies are readily available; there is a variety to choose from, cheaper with fewer chemical additives.

People often assume that exfoliating their skin once a week is enough, just like showering every day is enough. However, this is not the case, and you should exfoliate as per your skin needs. For instance, oily skin type requires 3 to 4 times exfoliation weekly. 

For exfoliation, use a brush with natural fibers instead of artificial ones. You can even go for some dry exfoliation before you step into the shower. Exfoliation will eradicate all the dirt, grime, and dead skin cells built up on your skin because of pollution. However, you should be mindful of using your fingers and a sensitive or natural facial exfoliator for your face.

Home Remedies for Facial Treatment

Some home remedies can seem strange but have been proven to work like commercial products. For instance;

  • A milk and honey bath monthly.
  • Use of natural oils such as olive oil and tea tree oil.
  • Lemon and Aloe Vera extracts.
  • Sugar to exfoliate

You can guarantee a baby-smooth face and skin that will keep heads turning with these. Moreover, professionals can also guide you about the skincare regime that best suits your skin. You can book an appointment with Dermatologists in Lahore for more information through Marham. 


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