How to increase your website ranking?

One of the best ways of increasing the ranking of your website among search engines is through link building. Links help in reaffirming the quality of the website. The links on a website will slowly become popular. The popularity of the links is one of the main yardsticks used by search engines like MSN, Yahoo and Google when they evaluate the web pages. The websites and web pages, which are successful in clearing the evaluation process, will be made a part of the database of the search engine. Google has a toolbar which will help you to find out the ranks of every website which is available on its database. This will also help you to know about the level of popularity of every website in the Google database.

A one way link is a link which will provide a connection to your website from the webpage of another person and no other link will be provided in return. The owners of various websites can make an agreement to exchange the links of their websites between themselves. Such links are also known as reciprocal links. But a one way link will help in building the popularity of the link for a website.

The main benefit of making use of a one-way link is that you need worry about receiving a bad backlink. If links are exchanged with websites, which perform the functions of link farms or free for all sites, the ranking of the web page is bound to suffer. Such websites will contain links from websites, which are available all over the Internet. These websites only help in increasing the number of links to your website in an artificial manner and there is no specific value addition to these links.

Another advantage of making use of one way links is that they will not get displaced. When the owner of a particular website places a link to your website on his webpage, he does so thinking that people who visit his website will derive some benefit through the link to your website. This way you can gain a lot of benefit from having a long term link to your website.

As the website keeps gaining more links, the content of the website should also be refreshed accordingly. You can also provide links to other websites which have content which is similar to your website. People can be allowed to access articles, e-books and other kinds of content without having to pay any money. Links to other directories as well as business directories, which have similar information, can also be provided. You can get an active link which will direct people to your website in exchange for all the free content which you will be providing. One-way links also help in providing more publicity for your website. You can also generate more traffic for your website in the form of articles, newsletters, white papers, directory and business association links.

The link which has been created for your website should be one that be can tracked later on by the search engine robots. This can be a simple text link or even an image link. But a search engine robot cannot track a java script link. It is better to provide a link which has a simple code.

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