How To Launch A Multi-Services On-Demand App Like Gojek

With just a few exceptions, ‘many’ is always considered better than one when it comes to anything! The field of on-demand services is also not an exception to this golden rule. Instead of offering a single service, if an app can offer multiple services, it greatly expands the utility and the profitability.

Such applications that offer multiple services under a single umbrella are fittingly called super applications or super apps.

Needless to say, multi-service businesses and applications have been quite successful wherever they have marked their presence.

What Makes Them Successful?

Multi-service businesses present a plethora of advantages for all the parties involved.

  • The consumer does not need to download multiple applications for different utilities.
  • It becomes easy for the consumer to handle their refund. If they have a refund on their groceries, they do not have to wait until the next time they buy the groceries. Instead, they can pay another utility bill or order food from a restaurant using that refunded amount.
  • It also saves them quite a lot of phone space and protects their personal information by not giving it to too many parties.
  • These delivery services come in as handy logistics solutions for home-based businesses. One of the most difficult tasks for any home business is to handle the delivery to the location of the customer and a multi-services app with courier services is the solution that these small home businesses need.
  • For the businesses, it expands their horizons of reach. Instead of only counting on people who visit the store or the restaurant, they can now count on these delivery services to increase their customer count for a small commission.
  • The businesses can now concentrate on their core offering instead of looking at the task of maintaining a delivery fleet even during their non-operating hours.
  • Delivery can be considered the backbone of the entire on-demand spectrum. Any multi-services app is bound to have a delivery fleet of gig workers. These gig workers are not employees but delivery partners.
  • This gives a lot of people an additional income opportunity that does not take into consideration their educational qualifications. All that they need is a driving license and proof of identity.

More than all the other parties, it is the on-demand multi-services app business that makes the biggest profit and benefits from the advantages.

There are instances when one service might not be at its peak. At this time, another service is bound to grow, and somehow, the business can balance its profit and loss. Let us take the COVID-19 pandemic season for example. The transportation industry came to a standstill. However, grocery, food, and medicine delivery services started to grow. Any person who was driving their bike taxi can now be associated with the same business as a delivery executive. The app company also does not have to go through a cumbersome recruitment process. They have already sourced the manpower that they can use for any service that they offer.

The super app company, in most cases, does not develop its own applications. There is a network of developers who keep building apps that integrate into the existing ecosystem of super applications. This saves a lot of time, money, and effort for the business. In addition, the developers who develop apps do not have to wait for a long time to get that app approved. Instead, they can just sell the app to the super app company, making an instant profit.

The utility that is newly integrated into the super app is now just a matter of a software upgrade that can be done over the air. The super app company does not have to spend its marketing efforts in promoting a new app. A simple push notification can do the job because the new utility already has its customers in place.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage that the super app company gets is the richness of data. Depending on patterns, the repayment patterns, the purchases, the services that are being used, and even the payment instruments can give valuable information about the customer. This helps these super applications also expand their offerings in the territory of micro-finance. The loans requested by customers are disbursed in just a few minutes, and that to commit with very low default rates compared to traditional financial ecosystems.

As you can infer, super applications have benefits for all the entities involved in their fulfillment.

The Market – Introducing Gojek 

Strangely, the most successful super apps have come from places like China, Japan, India, Singapore, and most importantly, Indonesia. Gojek, the start-up from Indonesia is considered to be the best example of the success and profitability of a super app as a business.

Started as a simple call center for bike taxi booking in Indonesia, today, it has grown to be a humongous name in the on-demand space globally, offering more than 20 different services. The services include but are not limited to transportation, delivery, handyman services, financial services, and even massage and fuel delivery services. It has expanded into all southeast Asian countries and has also established a development center in the city of Bangalore in India.

As you may have inferred, the profitability in the multi-services on-demand field has very high potential but not a lot of countries in Europe and the Americas have tapped into it. Considering how every vertical in the on-demand spectrum is expected to grow at an average CAGR of over 6% until 2025, now would be a perfect time for any aspiring entrepreneurs to invest in a super app like Gojek.

The White Label Bliss 

To build an app like Gojek from scratch would be a massive undertaking in terms of both time and money. To just focus on the operational aspect and stop worrying about the technical dimension, you can go for Gojek clone. The Gojek clone app can be purchased as a product and can be customized to have the features and interface of your choice. The Gojek clone script is a product, and it means that it has already been perfected. You do not have to worry about the glitches that might interfere with the expected basic functionality.

The Features 

Even if you go for a white label solution, it is strongly recommended that you ensure that certain features are in place. It is to be remembered that these features play an important role in determining the profitability and marketability of your multi-services app like Gojek.

  • The registration, in addition to the classics of using email and phone numbers, should also be available through social media. It helps users save a lot of time.
  • The users should be able to book a service for a later time, depending on their availability and their requirement. This comes in handy especially for services like home cleaning and airport taxi.
  • The cost of the services, upon choosing the right parameters, should be displayed in advance. This knowledge for the users helps them in making calculated decisions and it will also help avoid disappointments later.
  • The GPS can be considered the epicenter of the on-demand revolution. The GPS should help in letting the users know where their delivery executive/service provider is at, and should also help drivers navigate through places that are completely unknown to them.
  • The service history should be available on the profile of the user command so they can get their invoices or resolve some theories regarding the services that they have a veil of.


The profitability, the dependency, and the highly opportune market for a multi-services on-demand app like Gojek have been established beyond question. All that is left for an entrepreneur to do is to get in touch with the company that specializes in the development and customization of white label Gojek clone app.

The company will take care to understand your requirements and present you with perfect solutions that will launch you into the space of super apps, so you can start streaming your profit from multiple avenues!

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