How to make money with Quora?

Lately, I often read and write answers to questions asked on Quora …

One of those habits you find yourself in without realizing it.

Receive a thousand emails with the best responses from this site, Google brings Quora back to the top, and BOOM you find yourself with a new habit.

But there is a reason why a new service catches your attention and Quora is not a passing trend …

In this article

  • What is Quora?
  • What Quora has to do with earning
  • How to make money with Quora?
  • Conclusions

What is Quora?

Quora is the world’s first Q&A platform.

It has 200 million active users every month and is growing rapidly.

Somehow it resembles Yahoo Answers, but the level of interaction between users and above all the quality of the content is much better.

Quora was born with the idea of ​​spreading knowledge and has collected contributions from highly qualified users.

Barack Obama, former president of the United States, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook are just three of the most famous people who have decided to post questions and answers on this platform.

Quora groups questions into subject areas.

My favorites are those related to Personal Finance, business, start-ups, earning opportunities.

Some of the answers are small masterpieces and are extremely accurate, and I often find myself in sections completely unrelated to my areas of expertise: history, technology, science …

The English version is of a much higher quality than the Italian one.

Even in the Italian version, however, there is no shortage of competent and qualified users.

After all, the Italian version has only been operational since May 2017.

Let’s give it time, but consider that it is already growing rapidly thanks to a local community manager and a considerable investment in communication and marketing.

Quora, like other social networks, is based on mechanisms of mutual appreciation and friendship.

It is, therefore, possible to choose who to follow and vote positively or negatively on the answers given to the questions.

In short, a site that promotes the sharing of knowledge and rewards those who bring more value to the community.

What Quora has to do with earning

Today monetizing and earning on the internet go through a thousand different forms and writing a blog is not enough, there is no need to advertise a product traditionally.

Today there are influencers on Instagram, there are YouTubers, fashion and travel bloggers, …

People who monetize their expertise or their ability to influence or convince people.

Subjects who have created innovative businesses and who have their brand and a certain authority in specific fields.

The authority is acquired by giving value to a community to which one belongs.

Quora potentially helps to increase the credibility of those who work online and allows you to reach an audience to which you can present yourself as an expert.

It is therefore the perfect tool if you want to start working on yourself.

But let’s see in detail how to monetize your business on Quora

How to make money with Quora?

I state that Quora does not pay its users to write questions and answers and participate in the platform.

The revenues of the platform are linked to advertising on the site, but similarly to Facebook, the profits are not shared with users.

This mechanism can be judged right or wrong, but never forget that your time and shared knowledge will rarely get paid on the Internet.

The internet is a bit like that.

There are beautiful platforms where those who now share it with others and whoever makes the platform available earn it.

Ok, Quora earns and me?

You risk running out of water unless you invent something.

Let’s see what you can do to monetize.

1. Become “famous” on Quora

Quora allows its users to present themselves to a wide audience and be recognized by users as an expert in certain subjects.

In my case, I propose myself as a personal finance expert.

If I could create a community of readers of my answers, I could apply for seminars, I could write a book and let everyone know quickly, I could offer financial consulting services.

At the moment my goal is to advertise my site and then use Quora to attract visitors to

If you were an SEO expert, rather than marketing, rather than programming, you could easily use the platform to make yourself known and then sell services.

2. Post links to affiliate sites

Ok, Quora policy prohibits links to affiliate sites.

Therefore, it will not be possible to explicitly insert links to affiliated sites in their responses, i.e. sites that pay us for the visit, registration, or sale of certain goods and services.

No problem.

The ban can be circumvented, obviously by acting intelligently.

Just insert in your answers links to external pages which contain further information.

Of course, these pages need to get your readers to click, buy, and drive revenue to your business.

You can use a landing page or a normal article, the important thing is to study and understand the interaction mechanism of users once they arrive on our site.

3. Use the material written on Quora

Quora for many is a bit of a gym.

To write to us, you don’t need to be writers, bloggers, authors, journalists.

You can try, you can have your say and be successful.

Obviously what you write on Quora remains yours, as they are your ideas, your thoughts.

All this has value.

Think about what Montemagno does and has done.

Every day he publishes a video on Youtube in which he expresses his opinion on anything.

All this information has resulted in a book.

I do not mean that Marco Montemagno would not have written a book anyway.

But I want to say that the habit of producing a video every day allows him to develop ideas, reflections, ideas.

Here Facebook has allowed him to acquire notoriety, but also to create in him the habit of producing videos, speeches, writings.

It also allowed him to constantly confront his fans (and also to associate with his haters).

Facebook as well as Quora therefore help to dialogue very closely with their readers.

You can understand the topics that are most interesting to readers, as well as understand what your detractors think.


Writing answers on Quora isn’t easy.

The risk of getting discounted is quite high.

That’s why after an initial enthusiasm it risks becoming very tiring to write and contribute to the platform.

Adding value to one’s interventions then requires intelligence, but above all commitment and in-depth analysis.

But it’s worth a try.

I will try to use it and be constant in the answers, increasing my popularity.

I am sure that by working professionally I will be able to monetize my presence on this platform.

And you? Are you already a member? have you already found out how to make money with Quora?

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