How to make the most of the space in your 2BHK apartment?

Space offers the opportunity to live a smooth life. It is the basis of adaptability, accessibility, and choice that is fundamental to our wellbeing, identity, and sense of belonging. The advantage of a properly configured space is it allows families to spend time together as well as personal space for individuals to spend time alone. If you are thinking about buying a 2 bhk flat in Goregaon and are worried about space, check out the following points that tell the ideal ways to make the most of your space in a 2BHK apartment. 

Plan vertically

Even though you feel that there is limited space in your 2BHK flat, there are many ways of maximising the available space, especially by making use of the vertical space of the two rooms. Here you need to think out of the box, like choosing wall mountings that are set on the wall on vertical lines as well as making use of the furniture space in the same manner. Cool artwork and tall shelves always get the attention of guests. It not only makes the best usage of the available space, but also contributes to beautifying your home. 

A sofa bed

A sofa bed is very popular these days because it saves a lot of space which a bed would have consumed in a living room. Having a sofa bed not only makes it useful in the day for attending guests, but also at night when you can just pull the bed out and enjoy a comfortable sleep. This dual-purpose furniture is highly recommended for both 1 bhk and 2 bhk apartments as it saves a lot of areas. It’s even better if the sofa is movable which allows you to change the direction and alignment based on your comfort and needs. 

Sliding Walls

Another great idea that is being implemented in many flats in Goregaon East is replacing a fixed wall with sliding walls. The advantage of having sliding walls is it offers you more space to breathe. Moreover, nothing feels better when you can move freely in your living area due to less partition. Besides, internal partitions often work as chambers that can also serve as storage options for some of your used items. In this way, you will get additional space making your room bigger. 

Use convertibles

Adding more convertible furniture in your 2 bhk flat will create more space and make your rooms more accessible and functional. Hence, it is advisable to consider buying table-almirah, sofa cum bed, chair-bean-bag, and other combinations that will make your home spacious and airy simultaneously. It is the perfect way to double the space available and use it wisely. With convertible furniture, you can use your free space when needed and keep it free when you don’t.

To cut a long story short, buying a 2 bhk in Goregaon East is always beneficial when you can maximise the available space. Besides, if you’re buying an apartment in Satellite Elegance, you will be able to enjoy world-class amenities and experience urban living at its best. 

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