How to Sharpen Meat Grinder Blades?

Have you ever tried the burger, sausages, or minced meat? Aren’t they too yummy and awesome to eat? Of course, they are. It is the meat grinder that makes the meat grind and gives the snacks a unique taste.

Well, not just meat, a grinder also brings alluring taste to vegetables and cookies. So, you must have a meat grinder if you are actually fond of the unique taste and lots of surprises. However, a meat grinder might be used for both commercial or residential purposes.

Whether using it for commercial or residential purposes, its blade has to be sharp enough. You cannot get a good output with the blunt meat grinder blades.

The bluntness of the meat grinder is one of the unavoidable meat grinder problems. After a long time using the meat grinder becomes blunt, which makes your work difficult. So, you must sort out the problem no soon you notice it.

Now, how to sharpen meat grinder blades? You might find it a little annoying at first. But as soon as you grasp the techniques, you’ll find it is quite easy and interesting also. Jump to the article to know how to sharpen a grinder.  

How to sharpen meat grinder blades (Step by step)
Whether you are a home cook or restaurant chef, you must know about all the kitchen accessories. Also, you must have the basic idea of how to sort out the small issues of the accessories.

The meat grinder is one of the notable kitchen accessories. Its blades get blunt after a longtime use or heavy use. But frequently replacing the grinder machine is too expensive.

Therefore, it is better to know how to sharpen meat grinder blades instead of replacing it. Let’s check out how to sharpen the electrical meat grinder blade.

What you’ll need

Are you going to sharpen the commercial meat grinder blade for the first time? Then, you must be ignorant about the tools required for sharpening it. So, here we have discussed them and their roles in sharpening the grinder’s blade.

   A pair of safety hand gloves

To keep your hand safe while sharpening the meat grinder blades.

   A clean damp cloth

To clean the sheet of glasses after and before using it. Moreover, to clean the additional dirt and particles on the blade after sharpening it.

   A screwdriver

To open the grinder machine and bring out the blade.

   Needle-nose plier

It also used to open and re-assemble different parts of the grinder.


To sharpen the grinder blades. It will be better if you manage both the 120-grit and 600-grit sandpaper.

   Sheet of glass

It will be used as a flat surface to keep the sandpaper so that the sharpening process goes smoothly.

   A piece of meat

To test the sharpness of the blade.

   A flat surface

A reliable and stable surface will be used to keep the glass sheet in the correct position.

What you’ll do

Apply to follow steps to sharpen your meat grinder blade.

Step 1: Get all the necessary items.

Firstly, arrange all the necessary items that we have mentioned above. Not a single item should be left if you want a well-sharpened grinder blade.

Step 2: Wash the grinder machine properly

Dirt and foods may stick with the grinder machine. So, before opening, you must wash your grinder’s machine properly. Otherwise, the grinder’s blade will not be sharper as you expect.

Step 3:  Bring out the blade from the grinder.

Afterward, you can start to open the grinders. You can easily open it by using a screwdriver and needle-nose plier. Fetch out the blades from it. Don’t forget to wear the hand gloves to maintain your hand’s safety while opening the grinder.

However, you must re-assemble the machine accurately once your work is done. So, remember the exact position of each part of the grinder machine when disassembling it. Otherwise, you have to struggle when re-assembling the grinder that people normally do. 

Step 4: Check the existing sharpness

The next step is testing the sharpness of your grinder’s blade. By checking the existing sharpness of the blades, you may assume how much sharpness it requires.

Take a piece of meat and cut it with the meat grinder blade. Thus, you can easily measure the sharpness of the blade.

 Step 5: Sharpen grinder blade.

Now, take sandpaper and put it on the sheet of the glass. Rub the blade against the sandpaper at a 45-degree angle on circular motion. Continue the process for at least ten times to get a better result.

Again, test the sharpness of the blade by cutting the meat. If it cuts effectively, then you must have got your desired sharpness in the grinder’s blade. Otherwise, you have to rub the blade on the sandpaper for some more time.

Anyway, you better operate the rubbing process both on the 120 grit and later 600 grit sandpaper. It will make the blade of the meat grinder excellently sharp. After completing the process, clean off the excess dirt and particles with the cloth.

Step 6: Reassemble the grinder machine.

Wait! It’s not finished by sharpening the blades. You must reassemble the meat grinder and make it like how it was before.

Hopefully, our consecutive steps will help you to get an intense sharper grinder blade. Don’t apply the given steps randomly. Instead, apply the steps serially as given here to get a fruitful result. 

Some safety tips

  •       Follow the instructions gradually. Not a single step should be left of the guidelines.
  •       Don’t start the process in a messy place.
  •       Give full attention while working with the grinder blade. Conversely, there might be an undesirable accident.
  •       Wear cut-resistant hand gloves when conducting the process.

The sum up!

How much sharper blades do you want for your meat grinder? Definitely, your answer will be “extremely sharp.” If so, then you must know how to sharpen the meat grinder blade perfectly. Indeed, our article will help you to sharpen your blunt blade.

However, you can also use the rock salt and sharpening stone instead of sandpaper to sharpen the blade. These methods might take some more or less time to get your expected output. You better use the less costly and available items to sharpen the meat grinder blade.


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