How to Use A TikTok Filter

Do you need help adding a filter to TikTok’s? We’ve got your back.

TikTok filters are similar to the filters you use on other social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat.

It’s a simple process that will add personality and flair to your videos, and even allow you to use some filters to create trends. Let’s take a look at how the TikTok filter works.

1. Tap the “Create” button in your TikTok App, as if creating a new video.

2. Tap the “Filters” button on the right side.

3. Choose the filter that you wish to apply. Scroll down to search or choose one of the categories below to narrow your search.

What if you are looking for a lens effect instead? Lens effects are sometimes called filters, but they don’t show up in the “Filters” section of your video. These effects are in a separate category called Effects, which is located to the left side of the record button.

1. Tap “Effects.”

2. Scroll down to search or choose a category to view the effects.

Lens effects can be used on TikTok videos as well.

Let’s suppose you are watching a video with a lens effect you like. The effect name will be displayed on the video. It will be located right above the name of the creator on the video.

Tap the effect and then tap the “Add to Favorites” button at the top.

This effect will now appear in your favorites, when you choose an effect to add to your video.

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