How To Write A Successful Business Plan!

Making money  and increasing their income stream is one of the main goals of those who want to get rich and live without worrying

too much about their income and expenses.

Make money

Often, however, we put ourselves in the wrong view of financial issues and, if you notice, we focus much more on the possibility of cutting costs than on increasing our revenues.

One of the best ways to make money is to look for new sources of income.

The same mistake is also made by companies that, when they are in crisis, pay more attention to expenses with the result that they reduce investments, the morale of their employees, and, in short, also their revenues.

We too, with different results, if we focus too much on reducing expenses, we get a less than optimal result.

In my personal experience this happens because life and the often agitated rhythms almost always lead us to think within pre-established rigid schemes that consist of looking for a job, growing up in the same, having children, buying a house and taking a beach holiday. in August.

The rich do not live exactly in this way and above all they do not think in this perspective, but rather seek the best investment opportunity for their capital in order to maintain and increase their capital.

In addition, they know that a healthy distribution of risks can only start from the multiplication of investment projects, which must be managed from a portfolio perspective.

In the various projects, obviously, failure is an option and should not be seen as a totally negative experience, but as a point from which to start over and to learn from.

But let’s leave philosophy alone and see some ideas for making money.

In this article

  • 1. Ask for a raise
  • 2. Work harder or better?
  • 3. Valuing one’s own interest
  • 4. Invest
  • 5. Earning thanks to the Internet
  1. Ask for a raise

The easiest option for making new money is to ask your employer for a raise.

In this case, in my opinion, only one rule applies, that is to ask for it, if you think you have a value and create more wealth than you earn or if you have a profession with high recognition and for which the price paid in other companies is more high .

We must never forget that the entrepreneur’s point of view is always to reduce costs and maximize, except in rare cases, his own interest, so it is difficult for his merits to be recognized if not valued.

  1. Work harder or better?

Obviously one way to earn more is to work more, but in my opinion it is also the worst.

Time has a value and therefore my advice is to instead focus on what allows us to earn more and cut what makes us waste time and earn less.

It is often not easy, but those who are successful think this way and focus and work harder to optimize what is good and what makes money, while neglecting or eliminating what is making less.

  1. Valuing one’s own interest

We all have hobbies, interests or virtues and many of these can be enhanced and become a new job or a “side project” .

Think about cooking, knowledge of languages, sporting, musical, cultural skills and you will find ideas to generate new streams of income or simply, with a view to bartering to save on some purchases.

  1. Invest

Investing is one of our favorite topics and it is at the same time a very general but stimulating topic.

In fact, investing can mean:

  • invest in themselves to increase their value on the market;
  • invest their assets with a view to growth.

The rule I recommend is to invest in what you know, without venturing into unknown paths, where the risk is too high.

In personal terms I also think it is important not to stop growing and try to improve and new ideas, stimuli.

  1. Earning thanks to the Internet

The Internet is an inexhaustible source of business possibilities and ideas, as well as a collector of information that is important for understanding the dynamics of operation of many sectors.

There are a thousand ways to create additional income on the internet, but that does not mean that there is an easy way to earn quickly and consistently, so beware that it promises you this.

Finally, there would be the possibility of carrying out an illegal activity, but even in this case, regardless of the obvious ethical scruples, I understand that the path is not easy and it is often easier and certainly safer to undertake a path in the field of legality.

And how do you make your money and above all on which income streams can you count?

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