IATF 16949 audit benefits

If you’re considering an IATF 16949 audit, or if you have recently completed one, you know how beneficial this kind of certification can be. However, there are some common misconceptions about the process and its benefits that might make some business owners wary of having it done. In order to clear up these misconceptions and persuade more businesses to have their manufacturing facilities certified, here are six benefits of IATF 16949 certification that you should consider when deciding whether to get your company inspected for this quality standard.

1) Compliance

Making sure that your business complies with all safety and quality standards is an ongoing challenge. IATF 16949 certification is a recognized way to show that you meet international manufacturing standards; one of its main benefits is that it demonstrates compliance and so eliminates a lot of guesswork and uncertainty when interacting with potential customers. If you’re in a fast-growing market, IATF can also help you save money on insurance and processing costs associated with non-compliance.

2) Cost saving

The ability to demonstrate quality management using IATF16949 is great news for manufacturing companies. Achieving ISO 9001 audit costs up to $20,000 and can take several months or more. An IATF16949 audit usually costs around $3,000 and takes only a few days; manufacturers can usually achieve it within a month after approval of ISO 9001:2008 certification and without major changes in their existing system and processes. Such an expedited assessment could save you tens of thousands of dollars in time and money while giving you access to new markets.

3) Meeting customers’ requirements

IATF stands for International Automotive Task Force. It’s a widely used international standard, created by representatives from automotive manufacturers worldwide. IATF 16949 is an auto quality management system that’s designed to improve standards and increase product safety. The main benefit of IATF is that it helps automakers eliminate flaws in manufacturing processes, thereby improving efficiency and quality across their production facilities. Companies can use an IATF certification to gain access to new markets, reduce risk of recall or product liability claims, and gain credibility within their industries. And since many organizations now require IATF certification as a prerequisite for business partnerships, there are numerous reasons to seek out an external auditor.

4) Quality Assurance

It’s a lot easier to improve quality, productivity and efficiency when you have a clear idea of where things stand. The first step is being able to measure those three factors accurately. If your company is going through an IATF 16949 audit(or certification), you can rest assured that you’ll be able to make improvements in these areas with confidence because the auditors will ensure they meet standards for measuring all three. You won’t be shooting in the dark; instead, you’ll know exactly what parts of your operation need work and where to start looking for ways to improve performance and lower costs.

5) Competitive edge over others

When you’re looking to get certified, there are numerous types of certifications you can get. But if your focus is on quality, rather than having a certification to meet customer expectations (or government regulations), IATF 16949 is exactly what you need. An IATF 16949 audit provides your customers with reassurance that their purchase meets or exceeds their expectations. And better yet, it means you don’t have to worry about handling complaints after they make their purchase. That alone should be reason enough for companies to take advantage of an IATF inspection.

6) Customer satisfaction

One of IATF’s biggest benefits to customers is that it increases customer satisfaction. This helps ensure that your company will stay in business for a long time, even if a few customers leave. Customer satisfaction is also a great way to make more money because satisfied customers are more likely to come back and buy from you again or tell their friends about you. Increasing your customer base through positive word-of-mouth marketing can help you grow faster and capture a bigger share of your market than competitors who lack IATF certification. In addition, customers will be more willing to purchase from companies with good environmental practices because they support sustainability efforts that may reduce their impact on climate change.


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