Important Facts About The Best EMR For Psychiatry

EMR for psychiatry allows healthcare providers to organize best their medical, financial, and administrative workflows. The software records also keep track of patient records and outcomes and ensure compliance with regulations. The requirements of any EMR software, similar to medical specialties, are determined by the size of your practice. 


CureMD provides you with features such as mental health, diagnostic examinations, substance addiction, medication reminders, and attentive patient care. Such EMR systems are best for adapting to any size of your practice. You can also effectively record patient data, e-prescribe, and automate your workflow. Moreover, it is even integrated with electronic lab test results and speech recognition systems.   

CureMD maintains a comprehensive database of drugs and uses Surescripts to link with more than 40,000 pharmacies to conduct orders, refilling, and direct mails. This mental health EHR is best in lowering your expenses and limiting medication blunders. It uses a color-coded system for allocating specialized equipment to the correct physician, examination room, and time. As a result, you can easily schedule appointments online for patients living across the country.  

Moreover, it also makes the process of insurance verification simple for you. CureMD integrates the best psychiatry EMR with practice management software and its superior patient portal. With this, you can conveniently access patient health data, and the electronic medical records software can then generate a clinical report and determine patient outcomes.   


It costs a monthly subscription fee of $295. If you also need practice management services, you will have to pay an extra $195 every month. 


You can use a free trial to check out the software records. 

You do not have to pay extra charges for transferring data from your current system to CureMD electronic medical records. 

E-prescription features of this mental health EHR software are the best and highly advanced. 


After the setup process, there are just a few support choices. 

There is no option available for the Android app. 

The feature of recognition of handwriting is not included in the software records. 

Internet Explorer is the only browser you can use to access web-based EMR software. 


TherapyNotes is a web-based electronic medical records software explicitly created for psychiatric practitioners and practices with multiple physicians. It is widely regarded as the best EMR for psychiatry. Mobile access to the software records is available, making it ideal for clinics with several locations. It enables you to develop and personalize therapeutic interventions for patients. You can also compose and modify weekly reports with greater ease.  

Moreover, it helps you develop a psychiatric and psychological profile and assessments of each patient. Finally, one of this EMR system’s best features is its billing capability. It accepts and processes credit card transactions, allowing you to directly input credit cards into the software, thus saving time spent on additional payments. 

Furthermore, you can create work schedules for any of your employees and arrange regular patient consultations. TherapyNotes psychiatry EMR also features a customized patient portal where your patients can log in to their accounts and ask for new or recurrent appointments. Whenever you need to revise your treatment plans or schedule follow-up sessions with patients, the psychiatry EHR software’s to-do list automatically adds these tasks. These are the reasons why TherapyNotes belongs to the category of best EMR systems. 


You have to pay $49 a month as a subscription fee for TherapyNotes electronic medical records. A free trial is also available. This EMR software is a low-cost alternative that provides high-quality services. 


TherapyNotes has exceptional customer service that is available 24/7 and promptly replies to queries. 

In addition, the interface is straightforward to use. 

The EMR system makes the data transition process smooth and quick, ensuring the best user experience.  


The messages are not encrypted. 

There are not enough training resources. 

You have to pay for automated reminders for appointments. 


The extensive range of functionality that AdvancedMD offers makes it one of the best EMR for psychiatry in US. With these software records, you can evaluate and sign forms for prescription electronically no matter where you are located. Also, patients can use the patient portal feature to set appointments, send messages and make appointments. This kind of EMR system is best for small and medium-sized practices. 

Furthermore, the telemedicine service offered by the mental health EHR is the best as it allows you to handle additional patients without adding to your stress or time commitment. You can conduct a face-to-face video conference with your patients and privately upload static photographs or top-quality teleconference snapshots to your patient’s record.  

The EMR software also includes templates customizable for different disorders and patient notes that you can access. It enables you to examine and diagnose your patient, make treatment plans and track the severity of the disease. In addition, AdvancedMD EMR software for mental health can manage the entire billing procedure for you in the best way. It includes scheduling appointments, verifying insurance, making payments, and much more. With these electronic medical records, you can reduce the time spent on tedious paperwork. 


AdvancedMD charges $429 monthly for each provider for just the practice management software. Pricing for integrated EMR and practice management software begins at $729 monthly for each provider. Unfortunately, AdvancedMD does not offer a free trial or the psychiatry EMR software as a separate subscription package. 


This best mental health EHR is adaptable to various practice sizes. 

It allows patients to be more involved in their treatment with its patient portal feature. 

You can customize most of its features according to your psychiatry practice. 

It provides optimal electronic prescription services which you can track quite easily.  


It doesn’t show real-time business performance results. 

Setting up the software and learning how to navigate can be challenging at first. 

The scheduling feature does not allow users to add a new schedule form easily. 

Our Thoughts 

Each of the best EMR software for psychiatry in the US comes with unique features tailored to mental health practices. We wrote this article to help you understand your potential choices and choose the best mental health EHR solution for you. It would be best to consider all of the essential factors when selecting a psychiatry EMR, such as how it will benefit your practice to improve quality and productivity. 


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