Is Apex More Popular Than Fortnite?

Apex Legends remains a popular battle royale title, and last year’s success is undeniable. However, Fortnite is more popular than Apex Legends across all available metrics 09-
The success of the new game was so great that comparisons to Fortnite’s growth are inevitable. Compare the release dates of both games in parallel. Apex Legends is already much more popular than Fortnite. On Monday, Respawn’s CEO announced that he managed to surpass the 25 million player mark in just one week. This revelation comes after learning that they have managed to exceed 10 million in just 72 hours.

Why are Apex Legends More Popular Than Fortnite?

For example, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 surpassed Fortnite at the time thanks to its battle royale mode. During its release week, Black Ops 4 remained the most popular game on Twitch, although it did not reach it and currently does not appear in the top 10. if you want to more trendy and popular games click the link below

Apex Legends needs more to defeat Fortnite.

Will the Same Happen With Apex Legends?

This question is complex and depends on many factors. It’s too early to believe you can beat Fortnite because to do that, and you need to build a solid base of players and get streamers and influencers to position you. The initial boom is critical to having an audience, so respawn needs to improve the game in no time.

Twitch’s top 10 have titles like Dota 2, League of Legends, PUBG or Hearthstone. Players can get items for all these games from u7buy. Buying Fortnite items cheaply is also available—long, time-consuming games that have evolved into a service thanks to content and improvements made by developers. Apex Legends advocates that Respawn has perfected the shooter and that its visual style be attractive to appeal to users of other games such as Overwatch or Fortnite. It will be a matter of analyzing its performance in the coming weeks to see if we can keep it on the list of the best.

Could it be That Apex Legends is Becoming More Popular Than Fortnite?

While these numbers are surprising, we will hardly see EA’s new game outperforms Fortnite in the coming times. Fortnite indeed took two weeks to reach the number of players that Apex came in just 72 hours. However, we cannot let go that the “fever” of Battle Royale games did not exist when Fortnite was released. On the other hand, Epic Games’ own game was used as a launching pad for Apex with more than 200 million players.

After the official release, there were many streamers on Twitch who started playing the new game. Bring thousands of followers with you. No wonder one of the most prominent winners was a ninja who has more than 13 million followers. Although life has become a little easier, this success is still more than a cause for celebration. The CEO of Respawn recalls that this is just the beginning of a great adventure. Since Apex Legends will get some great news next month, like Fortnite, it will also implement “Seasons”. It brings new content every month and naturally increases the revenue margin achieved by the game. We have to wait and see what the growth trend of EA’s new game will look like. But it will surely slow down soon.

Are Apex or Fortnite More Popular in 2021?

Apex Legends is currently in the top 10 categories on Twitch, most likely thanks to new content from the season 9 May 2021; Apex Legends had some 160,000 viewers on the streaming platform. It is much higher than Call of Duty: Warzone (150,000), Fortnite (121,000), and PUBG (21,000) 7.

Is Apex Legends Better Than Fortnite?

8 Better Than Fortnite: Unbuilt Apex Legends focuses more on actual weapons, and for most people, tight first-person shooter controls far outweigh the looser third-party shooting and construction of Fortnite. It’s hard to get someone out when they build a house around them in two seconds.22

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