Jewelry Styles After The Pandemic!

Many of us are busy with work from home and have forgotten to put an outfit together. Zoom meeting is the only occasion as of now. So, what to wear, and how to choose jewelry for it has become difficult for all of us. 

While the comfort in shorts or any other outfits we are wearing during our work from home is unmatched, yet getting ready will become our daily chore soon. 

The idea of a brunch date and the requirement for a fashionable wardrobe is on the horizon, as some regions of the world continue to open up to in-person meetings. Whether you’ve been methodically planning your jewelry for your day out or you’re looking for the right piece to refresh your summer wardrobe, we’ve got you covered. So, don’t worry ladies! Here are some of the jewelry tips you can go with. 

Evil Eye Pendant 

With this symbolic pendant, you may make a powerful statement. This deliciously elegant pendant is set with diamonds in the shape of an evil eye and may be worn alone or with other necklaces.

Any casual shirt or t-shirt with a v-neck will go well with this pendant. From a professional trip to a lunch date with girls! It can suit both events. 


Hoops are our favorite choice, isn’t it? It is a must-have jewelry piece for us. Diamond hoops are perfect for everyday use and will become the go-to style for most outfits. 

Small hoops or large ones it is totally on you and your face shape. It also depends on your outfit. So, ladies! You can never go wrong with a combination of a white shirt and hoop earrings. 

Long Chain Diamond Pendant 

A long-chain diamond pendant is ideal for transitioning your look from day to night. This elegant minimal diamond pendant hung on a long silver chain, will not only make you look beautiful but sharp. 

You can find a minimal diamond pendant in various shapes, just choose it according to your face shape plus the neckline of the dress. At Finer Jewelry, you will have a plethora of options for diamond pendants, visit it soon. 

Diamond Bracelet 

Are you looking for the right statement piece to complement your summer outfits? The eye-catching designs of diamond bracelets will awe you. A simple diamond tennis bracelet to a linked diamond bracelet with a simple silver band will look fantastic with any of your summer outfits. A diamond tennis bracelet adds just the right amount of glitz to any ensemble. 

Solitaire Earrings

It’s impossible to go wrong with classic solitaire earrings! A matching pair of round brilliant diamonds fastened in 14k gold basket settings will look great and elegant on anyone and any dress. 

Paperclip Chain 

The fashionable huge paperclip chain is a beautiful and elegant statement item, perfect on its own or stacked with other necklaces in a chic stack. Custom to ready-made gold chains are all available at Finer Jewelry. 

Confetti Hoops 

The sparkling diamonds, sapphires in three colors, lab-produced rubies, and lab-created emeralds in stunning hoop earrings are fanciful yet exquisite and colorful. These earrings are perfect for everyday use and can easily be dressed up. They make a sparkling statement that instantly upgrades any ensemble with any color. 


Pearls are making a comeback! Diamonds and pearls make a good combination. Diamond earrings with hanging pearls, pearl and diamond bracelets, or a layered necklace with diamonds and pearls are all beautiful and elegant. 

Infinity Diamond Ring

Scalloped pavé diamonds are set in finely sculpted prongs that stretch the full way around the band in a small diamond ring. The Infinity diamond ring looks amazing with any stackable engagement ring too. Even for daily wear, you can wear that, because it can match every outfit. 

Teardrop Ruby Necklace 

A pear-shaped lab-created ruby set in a bezel setting will look amazingly beautiful with any formal or informal dress. The red color of ruby directly symbolizes love. It is a charming gift for any woman (mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, friend) in your life. 

Final Thoughts 

Any jewelry piece you pick should match your personality, so choose accordingly. Custom jewelry is always the best option to go with. For a sparkling classic collection of custom jewelry, you can visit Finer Jewelry. 


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