Know More About the World, Humanity, and Universe’s Truths with Teal Swan

The universe is mystical, and it plays a role in impacting people and their lives. Digging deep into self-help and spirituality is a means to connect with your authentic self and see the truth as it is. The moment a person is attuned to his/her own self, their lives become authentic, and this paves the way for meaningful existence on this planet.

Teal Swan – Unraveling the mysteries of truth with an inspirational mentor

Teal Swan is a gifted and highly talented name in the world of self-help therapy and spirituality. She is the author of six best-selling books, a blogger, a social media influencer, and a spiritual guru. She has millions of fans and followers across the globe.

Alleviating human pain for a more empowered life

She has a mission to transform human suffering so that people can lead empowered and positive life. She connects them to their true and authentic self. She is the founder of Headway Foundation- a non-profit company that enables ventures, ideas, and goals targeted at positive world change and transformation.

She is also the creator of the widely popular series on YouTube- Ask Teal. She connects with her fans on her YouTube channel and is the artist of multiple-frequency paintings.

Gifted with extra-sensory qualities

She was born in Santa Fe in New Mexico on June 16th, 1984, in the USA. She suffered a lot in her childhood and became herself was a victim of child abuse. She gradually overcame her harrowing experiences and, coupled with her gifts, is now able to guide and help millions of men and women across the world free themselves from suffering and pain.

She says she wants to help those people who are ready to see the truth even if it means that the truth hurts. Some people step into the world of spirituality and self-help to feel good about themselves. She does not want to cater to the “feel good” needs of such seekers. She is recommended to those who are willing and want to know the truth, even if it is hurtful.

The truth is always impartial, but it will always lead you to the right path

She says that reality is impartial in nature and it is not personal. It just shows you what to do so that you can lead a meaningful life. She helps people to discover this truth as she reflects things about the world, humanity, and the universe. There are certain positive and negative things about them that one often accepts or does not accept. She shows people the path on how they can accept the truth and integrate it into their lives even if it is hard.

When one is ready to see reality and the truth, life becomes free from suffering and pain. Teal Swan is able to reflect both the physical and the non-physical reality of any specific situation. By facing reality and the truth, she helps people become empowered to take mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical steps based on the new awareness they have attained.

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