Know the Best Platform Open Source Marketplace Platform Development Tool to Create a Multi Vendor eCommerce Platform

There are various platforms available in the industry including those which claim to be fully reliable open source marketplace platforms like Virtuemart, J2 Store. But none of them provide 100% reliable and affordable essential eCommerce features to let anyone who is enthusiastic about creating a multi vendor eCommerce platform or a niche one.

The list of such non-reliable platforms includes Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Dokan, CS Cart, X-Cart, BigCommerce, NopCommerce, Sharetribe, Prestashop, and many others. For example, let’s speak about the most hyped platforms like Shopify and Magento. You might be astonished to know that neither of its subscription plans let its subscribers create a multi vendor eCommerce platform.

In order to achieve this purpose, you are left with no other option except either going with the third-party custom development services or trying and testing your luck with the thor party extensions. In both cases the risk factor is huge and the level of failure increases if you do not regressively test your feature after integration with the whole platform.

With a platform like Sharetribe, you might feel that you have been trapped into the web of false claims and honey-coated words to lure you. Even the most minimalistic features like creating a PWA compliant or an omnichannel model-based multi vendor ecommerce platform or niche platform feature is provided in its most expensive subscription plan. What to say about a platform like Magento, which showcases a lot of inconsistency across features of its different version and incompatibility issues with features of one version with that of other versions. In fact, you do not get much support from their in-house team and the community support is not up to the mark. But, believe it or not. Their third-party schemes actually don’t work successfully in the eCommerce industry.

Reason being many, but the major one is like, you as a store owner may not get what your were expecting, lesser return on investments, lesser interaction with the development team and people at the managerial post at the vendor site, minimal work transparency, delayed responses, no ownership of work, lesser than expected return on investment, poor management, the lesser skilled staff at the vendor site, cultural and geographic gaps, and much more.

To overcome such challenges one is always advised to follow their own instincts and research the industry thoroughly before coming up with a decision of a finalized eCommerce development tool. One such name which has been trusted by thousands of users spread out globally, which has the potential to overcome all such challenges which one has to face when using the above-mentioned tools like unavailability of feature, inability to create a fully functional b2b, b2c,c2c – niche or multi vendor marketplace with provision to be PWA complaint or based on the omnichannel model, which is open source, empower one idea with innovative design solutions and business strategies is Sellacious.

This platform has more than 5000 essential eCommerce development features which let you create the web store that you ever wanted since the day you started wishing to have one. This open source marketplace platform development tool has an in-house development team and in-house customer care department which is available 24 x 7, 365 days to help you out with queries and custom development requirements. Though, you need not have any prior experience of creating and managing a web store.

You will still be able to readily understand what spice goes into the final preparation with this platform too without any hassle. There is a lot more you can get than expected with the freemium version itself. Include the feasibility for the store owners to define the shop rules for shipment, packaging, delivery, order status tracking, order status management, returns, exchanges, refunds, history, feedback management, rating and review management, taxes, coupons, discounts, pricing, report generation, payout, custom registrations, payments and payment methods, payouts, and much more.

You can scale up with the lifetime and subsequently to the enterprise version as the footfall tends to increase on your platform. Be assured, you will be charged for only what is subscribed and consumed. Choose the best, and subscribe to this platform. 

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