Know the Popular Types of Bunk Beds Available Here

Bunk beds are the popular choice for kids’ bedrooms. Parents prefer to invest in a bunk bed than other beds. The furniture is ideal for all sizes of rooms. It offers great benefits and effectively uses the same. All thanks to the space-saving design and additional storage space it offers. Perhaps, the space-saving design is constantly updating. You find more designs today compared to a few years back. The key benefit remains the same, that is, it offers two beds in a single bed. Plus, bunk beds for kids are designed using wood and metal.

However, wooden beds are high-in-demand everywhere. They are suitable for all types of interior and durable. Besides this, the bed can be used for playing, studying, playing online games, and hanging out with siblings and friends. Every bed is rich in design and finish colors. So you can explore the many versatile options in the stores. Plus, every kid will enjoy sound & comfy sleep all night. Parents can decorate it and make the room vibrant. Bedding units are the perfect accessory that gives a fresh look to them. Parents can add bedding units with the kid’s favorite color or character. Now, the beds are available in different types. So here is a write-up that will list the trendy types of all time. You can decide which type to buy for your kid.

1. Standard bed-

 The standard bunker bed is simple in design. It features two beds, stacked one above the other. The upper & lower units are of the same size. This type of unit is ideal for twin kids and kids sharing the same bedroom. It comes with no additional space. It features a strong staircase that helps the kid climb up. Some standard-type units are detachable. When the top unit is not in use, parents can separate it easily. Thus, convert the wooden bunk bed for kids into a single bed. These types of units come in beautiful finish options. They add a majestic appeal to the kid’s room. 

2. Desk type units- 

Usually, the desk type unit will have no extra bed. The interesting feature of the unit is it offers enough space under the top unit. Instead of an additional bed, it features a study table. The study table or desk can be easily rolled out whenever required for studying, writing homework and assignments. Plus, some units also feature additional storage space. Thus, your kid will have a bed and a study room in a single room. It is a modern style spacious furniture and multi-functional unit too. It has used the space smartly and offered a multi-functionality feature for many years. They, too, come with gorgeous finish colors. Parents can pick as per the kids decor

3. Storage type units- 

The storage type units come with two beds, an easy-to-access staircase and storage space. Two or more drawers are attached to the flower bed. Hence, they are easily accessible for all kids. Parents can use them to hide books, toys or study accessories and other things. It will help you to keep the kid’s bedroom clean and neat. Plus, it eliminates the need for additional storage furniture. Parents can easily transform a messed-up room into a cleanroom. 

4. Trundle type units- 

Trundle units are ideal for small kids’ bedrooms or minimum floor space. It is an enhanced version of a standard-type unit. Here the additional bed is available underneath the top bed. The second bed is hidden unless rolled out. It looks like a sofa, but actually, it’s a two-bed unit. All thanks to the casters or rolling wheels that help to pull in and out the bed with minimal effort. It features no staircase. Both the beds are within reach. So a kid can use it as a sofa in the day and offer a comfy bed to sleep for the sibling at night. Plus, they feature additional drawers that can hide or organize kids’ stuff. Thus, kids will have a spacious bedroom to have fun in every day.

These are some trendy bunk bed types available everywhere in the market today. They all are advanced versions and offer many benefits. They all are space-saving types and multi-functional. Plus, every feature they provide is handy. The design, storage feature, extra bed, and finish colors make them top-selling units. They are ideal for kids of all ages.

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