Low Carb Nuts and Seeds: Which Ones Can You Try

Finding out which food items are apt when it comes to a low carb diet is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, many low carb nuts and seeds are the perfect choice for many. Not only do they have sufficient amounts of antioxidants but also minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fiber.

If you are planning to switch to nuts and seeds, you might want to consider consuming food items accordingly. So what could be these food items? Well, in this piece of information we have mentioned the same. Continue reading and see which low carb nuts and seeds might be beneficial for you.

Low carb nuts and seeds to consider

  • Pecans: For people who do not know what pecans are, they are basically tree nuts that have immense nutrients in it. If you take one ounce of pecans which is somewhere about twenty eight grams, it provides the following:
  1. Three grams of protein
  2. One ninety six calories
  3. Twenty grams of fat
  4. Four grams of carbs
  5. Three grams of fiber
  6. One gram of net carbs

Pecans are among reasonable high-fat keto nuts which also help in lessening the level of insulin. Insulin is basically a hormone which makes it easy for the human body to store fat. Hence, it is essential to maintain the right level of insulin especially if someone is trying to lose weight.

Pecans can be consumed if you are on a keto diet. They can either be added in a dish or can be crushed or crunched.

  • Brazil nuts: These are tree nuts which can be found mostly in South America. If you take one ounce of these nuts, it consists of the following:
  1. Four grams of protein
  2. One eight five calories
  3. Nineteen grams of fat
  4. Three grams of total carbs
  5. One gram of net carbs
  6. Two grams of fiber

For people who do not know, Brazil nuts are the right source of selenium. Selenium is a mineral which is essential for various bodily functions and protein synthesis and reproduction are no exception. Some studies have said that people following a keto diet are at risk of selenium deficiency. We recommend taking about one to three Brazil nuts in a day. This way you will avoid consuming too much minerals.

  • Chia seeds: Chia seeds might not be new to people. These seeds are tiny, black or white, firm seeds which are very healthy. Chia seeds offers:
  1. Five grams of proteins
  2. Nine grams of fats
  3. Ten grams of fiber
  4. Two grams of net carbs
  5. One thirty eight calories

Chia seeds consist of sufficient omega-3 fats. This is one major reason why these seeds are known to be a superb plant based source. Chia seeds can be soaked in water and then consumed. Moreover, you can add the seeds to a pudding or a shake.

These are some of the nuts and seeds you can take if you are following a keto diet. We know a lot of people opt for keto cookies near me but now is the time you should also consider seeds and nuts.

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