Paul Haarman States 8 types of content on your social media strategies that get lots of engagement

Content is an important part of your social media strategy. It’s not just posts or tweets that are being posted, but also images, videos, etc., that should be relevant to the purpose of the channels you are posting on. When it comes to content marketing, there are lots of different types of content out there which all have their own potentials when it comes to engaging the audience and increasing business results.

Here are just a few examples:

Images –

Lots of people prefer visual content over text-based information because they see illustrations as far more appealing than plain texts. An excellent example would be infographics which help share interesting facts in a more eye-catching way.

Videos –

Videos are becoming increasingly popular for businesses since they offer a more engaging way of communication. Plus, it’s a great way to share testimonies from happy customers or even tutorials for how to use certain products. Animated videos are also gaining lots of attention due to their ability to communicate with an audience in a fun and interesting manner. 

Articles –

Businesses who would like to write articles about their achievements, successes they have made, or problems that they can help solve may try writing articles on their blogs and sharing these topics across all social media channels.  

Surveys and contests –

One very popular way is doing so through contests and giving away prizes in the process. This encourages people to engage further in your brand since they feel they have a chance at winning something which they might like.

Quizzes –

Even though quizzes may not be the best type of content if you want to seriously engage a reader, it’s still a very popular way of boosting engagement on your social media channels. It also helps attract more links back to your site while having fun with the audience in the process.

Offers   –

Social media is a great place for businesses to give away freebies that can help build their reputation and add value to their products. Plus, this attracts people who are looking for ways to get something for free from companies they like.

Questions –

The best thing about asking questions is that it will force users to interact further by answering them so they can have direct lines of communication with other users or a business. This is an excellent way to gain feedback which you can then use for improving your future strategies.

Entertainment –

When shorter posts just won’t do, try adding some entertainment value with quizzes, funny images, or videos so users have something else to engage in other than text-based information.

Here are some FAQs recently asked by our customers: Paul Haarman

How to create new articles for your blog?

Answer:  You can follow these steps on how you can do it. Step 1:  Create a new post. Select ” New Post ” from the drop-down menu on the left side of the screen or click the “+ New >” button; Step 2: Fill up all of the required information, input your chosen title, and hit Publish, then click Publish again.

How to add Custom CSS codes in blogger?

Answer: To edit blog style by adding custom CSS code, you need to access your Blogger Admin Panel. After logging in, select the Design option found at the left sidebar templates section. Click Edit HTML, and then look for <head> tag under the template code. Find the code and add! Important; to it. Save and publish your changes. (Note: This might not work for some templates, but you should be able to find <head> tags in most of them.)

Why do we need content marketing?

Answer: Content marketing is all about communicating with your existing audience while attracting new audiences at the same time. It’s a process that helps get more people to know who you are and what value your products or services can give them. Here are just some of its benefits:

It reduces the cost per acquisition because people read about you naturally instead of being asked to buy something right off the bat; it helps keep customers interested in your products and services since they get the relevant information through your content, and it allows you to find out what they’re interested in.

How do I submit a story to Reddit?

Answer by Paul Haarman: Submit your post by going to the subreddit that you want your link submitted to, and then click “Post a new text post “. Fill in the title of your submission and write a short description of why users will like your article or video. Please make sure that it’s not self-promotional since this kind of content is usually down voted quickly. Make sure also to think about subreddit before posting here, for example, if you’d like to add value to gaming videos then submit them on gaming subreddits, etc.


These are all the techniques that I have learned through my journey in creating a successful blog, but you can further add more tips and strategies by asking questions from others or reading other guides on how to make a successful blog.


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