Pendant Lights: What are they and Where can you use them?

If this is the first time you have seen, read or heard ‘Pendant Lights’ together, you certainly will be confused as to what they are? Because of course, Pendants are worn around the neck, and lights on walls and ceilings. Modern Decor, however, does have something that is called ‘pendant lights. So, what are they?

What are Pendant Lights?

When you sit in a cafe, you might have seen a single hanging light, suspended with a chain or a wire, along with a bare bulb. Those are pendant lights. They are a prime example of industrial lighting decor. 

Pendant style lighting is essentially a light source- a bulb, that is suspended from the ceiling. It is quite similar to chandeliers in that regard. There are, however, a lot of differences between them. 

How are Chandeliers different from Pendant Lamps?

While both chandeliers and pendant lights are statement pieces, there are quite a few differences between the two of them. 

One of the major differences is that while both are hanging lights, chandeliers are light fixtures suspended from the ceiling that have multiple sources of light incorporated into the structure. Pendant style lamps, however, is a hanging light fixture with only one bulb or light source up to its ‘sleeve’. Sometimes, they too can have three or four lights, but that’s unusual for pendant lights.

  • Chandeliers are significantly more expensive than pendant lamps. The former can range upwards from Rs 3,500 for a basic design, to notably higher prices for a single, more extravagant piece. Chandeliers that are used for commercial spaces are bigger and more noticeable. They will, thus, be even more expensive. Pendant styled lighting can range upwards from Rs 1,000; different styles and the number of fixtures make the real difference in the price points.
  • Pendant lights are suspended off of single wires or small chains as they are not very heavy and do not need a lot of support. Chandeliers, though, require a good, supportive, heavy-duty chain as they are large, have a lot of branching points and are quite heavy as well.
  • Another difference is the style of both these lighting fixtures. Chandeliers have a lot of historical significance and thus are more grandiose than pendant styled lamps. There are simpler options available, but a chandeliers’ purpose is to attract attention towards them- which simple ceiling pendant lights do not do.
  • Chandeliers are made of heavy raw materials like bronze, iron, glass, steel or crystal as they are more ornate than functional. Pendant lamps are, however, made from materials that are light- like nickel, steel, stained glass, lampshades etc. 
  • Chandeliers are generally placed in the middle of the room, lighting the centre area up. But this can leave the corner in shadows. Smaller hanging lights can be utilized to light the entire room up. Because they are smaller, you can place quite a few lights to lighten the entire room up.

You now know the difference between Chandeliers and Pendant Lights. Listed below are some of the uses of Pendant-style lamps. 

Where can you use Pendant lamps?

There are so many uses of such small light fixtures- you can easily utilize hanging pendant lights in both personal and commercial spaces. 

Bedside table:

Using such hanging fixtures over a bedside table can easily light the table up while ensuring that there is plenty of space for other items. Something that would not be possible with a table lamp.

Kitchen Countertops:

Having focused lighting, like that from a pendant light hanger will allow the person to work with adequate lighting while adding to the decor of the kitchen space.


Sometimes, we do not have the space or the budget for a chandelier. In such a case, modern pendant lighting can be utilized to give the space a designer element.


Lighting the nooks and crannies of space is difficult, especially when a bigger light is involved. You can solve this problem by using smaller led pendant lights.


You can use similar light fixtures to give the hallways an air of continuity with a classic touch. This can be done for both commercial and personal spaces. 

Bathroom Vanity:

The small size of the pendant lights can be used to light a small area up like the bathroom vanity.

Pendant light fixtures are quite different from chandeliers. They are lightweight, easy to use, and have a lot of other advantages. One thing that makes pendant lamps a more favorable product is the fact that they are small and can thus be used in smaller spaces and large numbers. Their versatility and design also add to their usability. You can now buy pendant lighting online at affordable rates. 

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