Pet safety when cleaning your home

You might think that a clean house is a safe house, but that’s not necessarily the case. While it’s important to keep germs, bacteria, mold, and other potentially harmful substances out of your home, the cleaning products we use to remove them are often toxic. Many cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can lead to health risks and illness in the home and especially in pets.

Pets are more susceptible to damage from the chemicals in these products because they tend to come into contact with chemicals more often than humans and because their bodies metabolize chemicals differently.

Harmful or toxic chemicals

Imagine your adorable puppy curled up on the freshly mopped floor, basking in the sun. You toss him a treat for being such a good boy while you were busy cleaning lounge floor. The problem is that there are still streaks on the floor that may contain harmful or toxic chemicals, dangerous to your beloved pet. He lies on the floor and the chemicals get on his fur, which he then licks off and swallows the chemicals. Or he eats the treats you just gave him and licks the chemicals off the floor. You wouldn’t knowingly let your pet lick a bowl full of chemicals, but if you use commercial cleaners, you’re just as unconsciously exposing him to them.

The same goes for your cute cat who lies on the couch or carpet all day. When a surface in your home is cleaned with conventional cleaning products, some chemical residue is left behind and can end up on your pets. Since pets often have a habit of licking their paws and coats and eating food off the floor and other surfaces cleaned with these products, they are more likely to ingest these dangerous chemicals.

What are the effects of these cleaning chemicals on your pet?

In many cases, they cause allergic reactions such as eye, mouth, throat, and skin irritations. And in some situations, the consequences can be much more serious. Chemical compounds in cleaning products are known to cause kidney, liver, and heart damage, tremors, nausea, and vomiting, etc. They can even lead to cancer.

One way to protect your pets’ health is to change the type of cleaning products you use in your home. There are many new “green cleaning products” on the market today, and while they are generally less toxic than their traditional counterparts, you still need to be careful about the ingredients they contain and the effects they can have on your pets.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products

One of the best ways to protect your pet when cleaning your home is to use cleaning products that contain natural enzymes. These products are completely non-toxic and do not contain harmful chemicals or other substances that could harm your pet’s health. Many companies produce a full line of non-toxic cleaning products that are safe to use because they are completely safe for your pet as well as the rest of your family. The products can be delivered directly to your home when you order from the website so you can safely clean your home.

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