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With time HP laptops have improved in many ways. Now, you can get the best laptop under 30000 these days without any problem. However, with the improved laptop version, the workload has also increased. The direct result of increased workload is low battery life. Yet, with some simple steps, you can reverse the process and make your laptop battery last for a long time. Here are some simple ways to increase your HP laptop life. 

1. Screen Brightness

Some work with high screen brightness. It helps them work better. However, HP laptops run for a longer time if you keep the brightness low. Many don’t know that screen brightness uses huge battery power. When you keep the brightness high, your laptop battery drains quickly. To prevent this, you need to keep the brightness low when you are working on your laptop. 

2. Power Setting

Do you know that with a slight change in the power setting, you can increase your laptop’s battery life? Yes, it is possible. HP laptops come with Windows 10, where you get an updated Windows setup. Be sure to change the setting on the laptop and increase the sleep mode time. It decides how long your laptop uses the battery. If you follow this, you will see a drastic change in your laptop life. 

3. Wireless External Drives

People often use the mouse while working on their laptops. This might bring some ease to you. But the process drains out battery life. HP laptops work well when you detach the wireless drives. Even the best laptop under 30000 suffer from low battery life when users work longer hours with wireless drives like a mouse or keyboard. The same thing applies to the external webcam. It is important to detach the external drive when not in use. 

4. Airplane Mode

Keeping your laptop on Airplane mode has immense battery benefits. You must know that Wifi connections, Bluetooth connections, and other similar connections drain battery life. Therefore, when you are not using the laptop, you can switch to aeroplane mode. The best laptop under 30000 works long time when you follow this step. 

5. Background Program

Background programs are beneficial for work. However, too many background programs can work adversely for your laptop. If you are using too many background programs, you are harming the battery life of your laptop. Some of the applications open without manual attempt. These applications drain battery life easily because most of these applications use huge memory. 

The complex software not only consumes battery life some of the time but also weakens the laptop’s operational ability as well. Keeping this in mind, you need to monitor the applications on your laptop. If you have some unwanted applications, you should remove them at once. If you don’t want to remove these applications, you can disable these when not in use.

6. A Second Battery

While this may seem extreme, some users attach another battery to the optimiser to optimise its performance. There are some unsaid benefits of using two laptop batteries. First, in case something happens to the first battery, you can rely on the second one. Second, installing two batteries automatically increases the laptop’s performance. You will not have to worry about frequent laptop charging. 

Lastly, there are other simple ways to increase the life of your HP laptop. It would help if you kept your battery unplugged while not working. It saves battery and prevents internal laptop damage.   

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