Reason: Why Duplicate Content Doesn’t Impact the Ranking Factor

Content is the most effective way of expanding your audience on the online platform. Having great content for any website is essential. This area of marketing has a huge impact on the viewer.

Bringing up new and innovative on a daily basis can do wonders for your web but at the same time, it can be quite hectic for the writer. There isn’t anything surprising about seeing duplicate content on Google.

Well, there is a common misconception in the SEO industry about duplicate content.

Words of Google Search Advocate on Duplicate Content

John Muller is the Google Search Advocate. He said that Google does not attach any negative ranking score on Google SEO duplicate. Despite that, it does chooses which page to rank first.

… It is not so much that there is a negative score associated with it,” said John Muller. He then added, “It is more that if we find the same information on multiple pages on the web, and someone searches specifically for that piece of information, then we will find the best matching page.”

So by this, you might have gotten your answer. If it doesn’t have a negative impact then this won’t affect your SEO.

Duplicate Content Explained

The approach on how Google ranks websites is pretty simple. All Google does is finds your website, marks the information that is written, and then display it when reckoned according to the search. While on the same end, it is also a complicated process. Particularly when duplicate content is seen.

As the name implies, duplicate content is when a considerable portion of a text from your site matches with the piece of text on the other website.

This can include anything and everything from headers and footer to production description and anything in between.

For content to be contemplated as a duplicate one it has to complete the same or it should be similar in a significant amount. By acquiring web content writing services you can avoid these hazards.

Google’s Way of Ranking Websites

Whenever you search for any information on Google it returns you a bunch of results, each ranking of a website is made based on their relevancy to the topic. Each page is ranked by completing a three-step cycle.

  1. Crawling: Google employs complex programs known as crawlers to go through thousands of billions of web pages to identify information on each page.
  2. Indexing: Google arranges the information found on each page and stores them in a database called index.
  3. Ranking: Google pulls information from the guide and shows relevant results.

While showing the ranking of a web, Google at the profusion of Google ranking factor to assess each result that is pertinent to the query. These Google ranking factors can be summarized into the following:

  • Relevancy on Web Pages: Google utilizes Meta tags, keywords, and interaction to signal relevancy.
  • Quality of Content: This factor of Google ranking estimates a web page’s validated, reliability, and expertise on a given topic.
  • Meaning of Your Query: This factor determines the intent behind the inquiry to search for the perfect results using similar searches.
  • Context and Setting: Context comprises results based on your search setting, search history, and location.
  • Usability of Web Pages: usability values user experience, discriminating users’ pain points on a page, and returning pages are found more relevant than others.

Each of the above-mentioned Google ranking factors is given a specific role, which varies on the history of your search. For example, context will encounter an even greater role in the results that calls for present events than it does for a dictionary definition.

Final Thoughts!

Uplifting different, excellent, and unique content consistently is a tall order. Without the existence of Google duplicate content penalty, do you think you still have to be tense about these issues? Other issues may arise that might count as another form of duplicate content penalty.

Aggrandize your automated sales and reach through surging premium quality content. Content marketing is the most crucial. It drives 93% of all web traffic through search engines, by implying a robust content marketing is a perfect way to expand your business when accomplished in the right way.

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